October 2015 blogroll

Fall is creeping on to campus with the leaves changing and dropping. It’s the 70 and 80 degree days that have us all wondering when winter will hit. If you must be indoors or near a screen, definitely check out these recent blog posts from all over K-State!

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering updates us on their MRI-guided thermal therapy instrument development.

The Beach is always active on their blog – read for announcements and find out what is behind “Art for Every Home: Associate american Artists,” When the Well Runs Dry premieres this Thursday, learn about Aileen Wang and take advantage of the educational offerings this fall.

Powercat Financial Counseling continues to encourage students and all readers in ways to better manage their finances.

Please take a look around the Prepare Kansas blog, as important topics are covered – most notably tips and advice about family fire drills.

Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House started off the school year with great recruitment and fun activities!

Catch up with our Admissions bloggers – they are back and helping out their fellow students and prospective recruits with essential K-State advice!

The Teaching & Learning Center is constantly posting about upcoming programing – check out how they can help you become a better educator.

How do you feel about bugs? I love that Entomology Extension has a blog where they can publish research and photos! So cool.

And then there is a companion to bugs – the well established Turfgrass blog. I’m paying close attention to the Top Ten Tree Planting Mistakes, as well as a few articles about things that will bite me.

Our friends at Kansas Profile are introducing us to some great rural folk: Walter Johnson and George Sweatt, Margaret Kraisinger of Western Cattle Trails and the Old Hardware Store, and the connection between K-State football players Joe Hubener and Kody Cook.

KSRE’s Midway District’s Oct. livestock report is live!

Research and Extension is doing their best to create educated consumers with their “Meat the Labels” series – check it out!

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September 2015 blogroll

Check out these recent posts from the K-State and KSRE blogs:

Powercat Financial Counseling has posts that will help you learn more about your credit score, how to cut back spending and investing.

If you’d like access to all the good, common sense information you can get your hands on, look at the Prepare Kansas blog with advice about planning for emergencies and natural disasters in simple and easy ways.

Keep track of the beauty that is on display at the Beach Museum of Art through their blog updates about new events and features.

The Teaching and Learning Center is always encouraging, supporting and promoting excellence among educators – take a look at their upcoming events to hone your skills.

Be sure to head over to see The Meadow in its late summer glory!

Turfgrass sheds the light on preventing large patches and the oak leaf itch mite.

Two Kansas Profiles on Loren Kisby of Prohoe and Jim Farrell of Jim Farrell Studios – see what local Kansans are doing!

Two Meat the Label posts on natural, naturally raised and organic meat and meat raised without antibiotics and/or added hormones – check these out to figure out what these statements actually mean.

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