Family, Friends, and a Good Read

It has been a while since I posed last because for the past few weeks I have been on winter break. This is my first ever college break and I have to say that it is really nice! We have quite a few weeks off of school and it is a great time to spend with family and catch up with friends. Although I have to say I have missed Manhattan. Because the break is so long I have also discovered that it is a really good time to catch up on reading!

These are just some of the books that I have been reading over break. I have really enjoyed all of them, and it is nice to have the time to sit down and read without any distractions. I find that reading still makes me feel productive but it is still relaxing. I would definitely recommend the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I haven’t finished it yet, but what I have read has been very thought-provoking. It is about leadership and success. I am excited to finish it :)



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Here is a fantastic song that gets me through the stress of everything in life changing.


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Getting down on Graduation!

This accurately describes graduation weekend. Fun, exciting, colorful, and full of celebration. I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did!538712_3382643523333_1186800034_32534469_667022738_n.jpg
We also had vuvuzelas to cheer on our friend for graduating from K-State. Yeah, we’re that awesome.

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Ready, Set, Go State!

I just love this picture!

I also like the fact that I was able to be involved in such a great organization because of K-State. I know I have been drilling this into your head all year, but seriously, GET INVOLVED. K-State has so many wonderful things to offer and so many wonderful people that are just like you, there is honestly nothing to lose. If you are new to campus and are afraid of the uncertainties that await you, don’t fret. College is one of the best experiences I have had thus far, and I have made so many unique friends, and met so many awesome people. Through what? K-STATE. Why? Because K-State is a magical land. Don’t believe me? Haha, nice joke. Of course you believe me. Purple Pride runs deep, mis amigos, real deep. I will miss the Wildcats so much when I leave to embark on a new journey, but hey, I bleed purple, eh?

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Do Something Great

I just wanted to congratulate all of the nominees and award winners from last nights Awards Banquet. Through my experiences at K-State, I have found that just by being involved on campus truly impacts the students and faculty that surround you. To all of the incoming freshman and even the students considering joining an organization, my advice to you is this: Do something great while you attend K-State. You don’t have to find the cure for cancer, but try to make an impact on the people around you. Get to know people you don’t normally hang out with, plan a community service project, tutor someone who needs help in a class. Just do something. It makes your college experience that much better, le trust.

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Open House, Woot!

So, Open House was yesterday, and might I add, IT WAS AMAZING. I heard we had a bunch of people that came, and that is just simply fantastic. A few things you missed out on if you didn’t make it: cotton candy, people getting pied in the face with whipped cream, scentsy deliciousness being sold for the sorority, and hand made scarves. Yeah, that’s what’s up. I highly recommend being a part of this celebration de K-State next year if you have the chance. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I will miss it when I am gone next year. K-State wins again.

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Last few weeks of school=stress to da max

Holy cow, sorry for the brief hiatus, school has seemed to consume my every thought and motion lately! It sure doesn’t help that we have like three weeks left? Maybe four. My mind is so boggled with all of the things on my massive to do list, that I might just go insane. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way, but luckily, I have a certificate for a free massage. Whaddup?! So stoked, I need some time to chill for a moment and reflect on all of the awesome things I have done this past year. Come on, I have a legit blog where I can pour my soul out into, have been involved in amazing campus activities, and just had a really good year! For those of you who didn’t know, I will be moving to Arizona after this semester, so you will have to find me on my personal blog and/or facebook. Facebook is life, at least for college students, you holla at me, I holla at you.

Besides that though, Open House is Saturday, and my sorority has a pretty ballin booth we’re gonna set up, so if you wanna see sparkles and fantasticness, I recommend stopping by and having a chit chat with us!

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I love K-State, fo real.

As the semester draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on all of the awesome things that I have experienced at K-State. Not knowing how to handle college as a freshman was scary and exciting. I had no idea that I would become a leader on campus, be involved in so many awesome student organizat

ions, or meet so many unique and amazing people on campus. K-State is like my second family. My professors help me through whatever I need academically and even sometimes in my personal life. People accept that you have your own individual differences and are aware that bringing those characteristics to campus is what makes us such a close and loving environment.

As a FSHS major, there have been endless resources for me to broaden my knowledge of the information taught in class, as well as meet other students who have the same interests as me. I’ve learned leadership, communication, and diversity in almost every aspect of my college major, and my career will benefit from that knowledge. My experiences thus far have been phenomenally magical, ninja-tastic( you all know how much I love ninjas), and just awesome. K-State, you rock hardcore. Being a wildcat has been one of the best choices I could ever make. If I could growl like a wildcat at this point, I would. Imagine me doing so, and remember, we bleed purple up in here!

P.S. this link at the bottom is a scholarship where you get some moolah for talking about K-State. Check it.

scholarship is sponsored by

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Busy bees and a chocolate flamingo

Welcome back from Spring Break! I know that I had an awesome time on my vacation and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves, as well. After coming back, I realized that we have 6 WEEKS left. 6 WEEKS. Raise the roof, yeah yeah! With that realization, I started to think about all of the busy things that I will have to finish in the coming weeks. So, for all of you kind of freaking out that the semester is almost over and are feeling like all of your classes are overwhelming you, I’m here to help you with some lovely advice:
1)Go for a walk. Have you noticed how absolutely gorgeous it has been outside? Get yo endorphins up and take a breather. I laid under a delicious tree the other day for a few hours, and it was absolutely wonderful. Take some time to relax, even just for a few minutes. It will help ease your stress tremendously.
2)Plan a nice congratulations for when you finish finals. Let’s face it, finals are coming up and they are going to be crazy. The only way to truly feel like you accomplished climbing a mountain is to prepare to congratulate yourself when you ace that last test! Buy yourself a cake, treat yourself to ice cream, do whatever floats your boat to make you feel special and nice. I’m in the market for a chocolate flamingo if anyone knows where I can find one? Chocolate flamingo, you will complete my life.


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Last night was the infamous CASINO NIGHTTTTTTTTT on campus. And let me just say, IT WAS SO AWESOME. Hence the caps. Seriously though, this is one of the best events that Programming Board puts on every year. You get a free t-shirt, free food, and if you’re lucky, a prize! While I didn&#8217

;t get to win anything spectacular, I still had a complete blast.

IMAG0029.jpg Not only was I a boss at bingo, but did I mention that you got free things? Any event where I am fed delicious junk food and get a sweet K-State t-shirt is an event I highly recommend! For real though, if you didn’t get the chance to go last night, keep your calendar open for next year. Casino night will not disappoint you, le trust!

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