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2015 Common Works of Art

Tom Kretz (United States, 1956 – 2003), Title unknown, 2001, Oil on Canvas, KSU, Beach Museum of Art, gift of Jay Melies

Annually, the Kansas State Book Network (KSBN) chooses a book which is given to all incoming students. The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore was selected as the K-State Common Book for the 2015-16 academic year. With assistance from the KSBN selection committee, two works of art that mirror the themes found in the book have been selected as the Common Works of Art. Mitosis (2000), an earthenware piece by former K-State student Jarod Morris and a 2001 untitled painting by Tom Kretz will be on display through July 2016. The 2015 academic year marks the third year the Beach Museum of Art has highlighted pieces from the museum’s permanent in conjunction with the KSBN Common Book.

12 Morris
Jerod Morris Mitosis, 2000 Earthenware KSU, Beach Museum of Art, Friends of the Beach Museum of Art (Kansas Artist Craftsmen Association Members’ Exhibition Purchase Prize Fund)