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Staff Spotlight: Haley Hermes

Haley Hermes assisting during a class.
Haley Hermes, Gallery Teacher

From Andale, Kansas, Haley Hermes was the education intern for the fall 2014 semester.  Majoring in Family Studies and Human Services, Conflict Analysis and Trauma, Haley graduated in December 2014 and is applying to graduate school.

Haley enjoys reading, working with her hands, rock-climbing, cycling, and yoga.  She is also an Assistant Teacher for Crèche Day School, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and Wish Granter for Make A Wish Foundation.

“I love working with the different age groups that come in for all of the programs,” Haley says. “We get everyone from two years to seventy-two and that has really helped me learn how to work with many different ages of people. I also really enjoy learning how to work better with those who may have disabilities, as I have not had as much previous experience in this area. These experiences have helped prepare me to become a more holistic helping professional.”

Fun fact: Haley has 10 siblings.

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