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Visiting Artist: Damon Davis Lecture

April 4, 5:30 p.m.
Thompson 101
Reception to follow at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art

Join us at 2:30 on April 4 or April 12 at 12:30, in the William T. Kemper Art Gallery in the K-State Student Union for a gallery talk with Beach Museum of Art Curator Aileen Wang.

St. Louis-based artist Damon Davis created his “All Hands on Deck” series during the demonstrations in Ferguson, MO, after the police shooting of Michael Brown. Davis saw a symbol of unity in the raised hands of fellow protesters. He has written:

The “All Hands On Deck” project is an ode to that diverse collective dedicated to protecting our human rights, no matter race, age or gender. “All Hands On Deck” is our charge – a call of action to stand with those who stand for us all.

A few months later Davis received wide attention on the internet with his essay, “In the Face of White Male Privilege Run Amok, A Plea for Artistic Responsibility,” written in response to an exhibition displayed at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. Davis will speak and show an excerpt from his latest film.

Reception to follow at the Beach Museum of Art.

Organized by the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in partnership with the K-State Black Student Union.  Co-sponsored by K-State Department of Art and funded in part by the SGA Fine Arts Fee; Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies, K-State Libraries; and Department of American Ethic Studies.





All Hands On Deck, K-State Edition will be on display in the William T. Kemper Art Gallery in the K-State Student Union April 4-14, 2017.








Learn more about Damon and his projects on his website.

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