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Labs Affected by Water Damage


The ECE Dep20161218_185034artment was significantly affected by water damage that occurred the evening of Sunday, December 18, when a fire sprinkler water line shattered above one of the first floor classrooms in Rathbone Hall. Water was everywhere on the first floor and basement, including almost all ofra-35-don the ECE labs and storage rooms in Rathbone. Hardest hit were the teaching labs for Introduction to Electrical Engineering (ECE 210) and Electronics Laboratory (ECE 502), and the research laboratory for new ECE faculty member Dr. Jungkwun Kim. Over 50 pieces of test equipment had water damage, but through the efforts of new ECE staff member Kevin rathbone-0037Myren and student worker Dustin Chew the department was able to recover all but three items. The labs will be fully operational by the beginning of the spring 2017 semester.ra-37-don








ra-39-donA special thank you also goes out to all who helped that Sunday evening:
Manhattan Fire Department
K-State Facilities
College of Engineering: Jeff Gibisch and Senior Associate Dean Gary Clark
ECE faculty and staff: Dr. Steve Warren, Dr. Jungkwun Kim, Garrett Peterson, and Dr. Don Gruenbacher20161218_204828 1046-ratbbone