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Ph.D. Student receives patent for work with Samsung

Sifat Moon, a Ph.D. student in Network Science (NetSE) receives a patent for previous work with Samsung on Collaborative drawing method and electronic devices.

This patent is for an electronic device and a method for collaborative drawing in which multiple users participate with their own electronic devices are provided. The electronic device for drawing a picture collaboratively includes a transceiver for sharing information with at least one other electronic device, a touchscreen for receiving a user input and displaying an image corresponding to the user input, a memory for storing a drawing application, and a processor. The processor is configured to control for connecting to the at least one other electronic device via the drawing application, receiving the user input through the touchscreen, detecting an event occurring during the user input based on predetermined event occurrence conditions, when the event is detected, sharing information on the event with the at least one other electronic device in real time, and displaying information on the detected event on the touchscreen.