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Wind Power Competition

Team roster: Tanzila Ahmed, Electrical Engineering; Lawryn Edmonds, Electrical Engineering; Jacob Meyer, Electrical Engineering; Michael Banowetz, Electrical Engineering; David Plenert, Electrical Engineering; Timothy Sample, Electrical Engineering; Stephen Debes, Electrical Engineering; Connor Krause, Electrical Engineering; Andrew Johnson, Electrical Engineering; Sshangxian Wang, Electrical Engineering; Mark Ronning, Electrical Engineering; Armando Marquez, Electrical Engineering; Alex Thibault, Electrical Engineering; Broden Bowell, Electrical Engineering; Lee Evans, Mechanical Engineering; Justin Currence, Mechanical Engineering; Aaron Akin, Mechanical Engineering; Justin Mann, Mechanical Engineering; Ben Schmanke, Mechanical Engineering; Grant Ferland, Mechanical Engineering; Alex Ackley, Mechanical Engineering; Jared Baker, Mechanical Engineering; Tyler Schmitz, Mechanical Engineering; Fang Wan, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Matt Weisbrod, Mechanical Engineering

Team roster: Tanzila Ahmed; Lawryn Edmonds; Jacob Meyer; Michael Banowetz; David Plenert; Timothy Sample; Stephen Debes; Connor Krause; Andrew Johnson; Sshangxian Wang; Mark Ronning; Armando Marquez; Alex Thibault; Broden Bowell; Lee Evans; Justin Currence; Aaron Akin; Justin Mann; Ben Schmanke; Grant Ferland; Alex Ackley; Jared Baker; Tyler Schmitz; Fang Wan; Matt Weisbrod

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Kansas State University again selected for Collegiate Wind Competition

13945330867_0acd224c36_oThe U.S. Department of Energy has selected Kansas State University to compete at its 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition, a biennial event. The university also participated in the inaugural competition in 2014.

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