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Monitoring the Health of Disabled Children Around the Clock

Professors Steve Warren, Punit Prakash, David Thompson, and Bala Natarajan are creating nighttime tools to monitor disabled children with health issues that include seizures. This work was featured in a segment on Fox News October 23.

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Update on MRI-guided thermal therapy instrument development

punitIn AugustĀ 2013, our interdisciplinary research team was awarded a Major Instrumentation-Development grant from the National Science Foundation to develop an integrated instrument for small animal hyperthermia research under ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The principal investigator of the project is Dr. Stefan Bossmann (Chemistry), with the instrument design, development, and integration aspects led by Dr. Punit Prakash (ECE). Other co-PIs on the project are Dr. Leila Maurmann (Chemistry), Dr. Sanjeev Narayanan (Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology), and Dr. Deryl Troyer (Anatomy and Physiology). Dr. Sergio Curto (ECE) is spearheading the implementation and evaluation of MRI-compatible hyperthermia applicators.

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Cattle movement estimation study sheds light on disease risk

Caterina Scoglio

Caterina Scoglio, top, a Kansas State University electrical and computer engineering professor, and her former student, Phillip Schumm, co-authored a study to estimate movement of cattle to determine the risk of disease

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Keeping the lights on

EPAPThe Electrical Power Affiliates Program, the College of Engineering is leading the charge in solving future problems for the power and energy industry.


“Through the Electrical Power Affiliates Program and the partnership between industry and academics, we are able to give our students real-world experiences beyond what we are able to teach in the classroom,” Schulz said.

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An engineering test bed for electrical power


by: Jennifer Tidball

The Burns & McDonnell Smart Grid Lab is boosting education, research and recruitment in the College of Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The Smart Grid lab, in Rathbone Hall, includes power grid and network communication equipment to support undergraduate and graduate research projects. It is one of the first facilities to test how emerging software-defined networking technology can more efficiently manage, distribute, use and secure electrical power. Continue reading “An engineering test bed for electrical power”