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Wind Power Competition

Team roster: Tanzila Ahmed, Electrical Engineering; Lawryn Edmonds, Electrical Engineering; Jacob Meyer, Electrical Engineering; Michael Banowetz, Electrical Engineering; David Plenert, Electrical Engineering; Timothy Sample, Electrical Engineering; Stephen Debes, Electrical Engineering; Connor Krause, Electrical Engineering; Andrew Johnson, Electrical Engineering; Sshangxian Wang, Electrical Engineering; Mark Ronning, Electrical Engineering; Armando Marquez, Electrical Engineering; Alex Thibault, Electrical Engineering; Broden Bowell, Electrical Engineering; Lee Evans, Mechanical Engineering; Justin Currence, Mechanical Engineering; Aaron Akin, Mechanical Engineering; Justin Mann, Mechanical Engineering; Ben Schmanke, Mechanical Engineering; Grant Ferland, Mechanical Engineering; Alex Ackley, Mechanical Engineering; Jared Baker, Mechanical Engineering; Tyler Schmitz, Mechanical Engineering; Fang Wan, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; Matt Weisbrod, Mechanical Engineering

Team roster: Tanzila Ahmed; Lawryn Edmonds; Jacob Meyer; Michael Banowetz; David Plenert; Timothy Sample; Stephen Debes; Connor Krause; Andrew Johnson; Sshangxian Wang; Mark Ronning; Armando Marquez; Alex Thibault; Broden Bowell; Lee Evans; Justin Currence; Aaron Akin; Justin Mann; Ben Schmanke; Grant Ferland; Alex Ackley; Jared Baker; Tyler Schmitz; Fang Wan; Matt Weisbrod

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Keeping the lights on

EPAPThe Electrical Power Affiliates Program, the College of Engineering is leading the charge in solving future problems for the power and energy industry.


“Through the Electrical Power Affiliates Program and the partnership between industry and academics, we are able to give our students real-world experiences beyond what we are able to teach in the classroom,” Schulz said.

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Kansas State University again selected for Collegiate Wind Competition

13945330867_0acd224c36_oThe U.S. Department of Energy has selected Kansas State University to compete at its 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition, a biennial event. The university also participated in the inaugural competition in 2014.

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