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I chatted with personal trainer Alex Wodtke about her role as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and her future. Alex is graduating this May, so continue reading to see what she is planning to do post-graduation.

UPDATE: After this interview was done, Alex actually found out she got accepted into Mayo Clinic’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program, congratulations Alex!

SN: “You originally joined the Kinesiology program for physical therapy, right? What made you decide to change your career path to sonography?”

AW: “My mom mentioned it when I was in grade school. I was going in the direction of Physical Therapy since grade school. My senior year, this year, I got really overwhelmed and stressed with it, and I had one night where I decided it’s just not what I want to do. I like the anatomy aspect of sonography, and to be in a dark room with one-on-one patient time. I like the technology aspect too. It’s a good, stable job with options for many different settings. You can specialize in general, prenatal, or cardiology.  You can also specialize within general. I am aiming for a certificate in sonography at St. Luke’s or Mercy college in Des Moines.”

SN: “So although you changed your career path, you will graduate from K-State this May?”

AW: “Yes. I will graduate from K-State with a degree in Kinesiology, and then get CN certification first. That part is only a requirement for St. Luke’s.”

SN: “Have you always been active throughout your life?”

AW: “Yes. As a kid, I spent at least twenty-five hours a week practicing gymnastics. It was intense, and I had so many ankle injuries, I eventually had to quit in high school.”

SN: “What was your favorite aspect of gymnastics?”

AW: “I love the bars, that was my favorite. My best was beam, but even though bar was my worst it was my favorite. Beam was scary.”

SN: “How long have you worked at the Rec?”

AW: “Since my freshman year. I called Megan the summer before my freshman year, because I knew I wanted to be a group fit instructor. I met with her one of the first few weeks and have been teaching ever since.”

SN: “What group fit classes have you taught?”

AW: “I’ve taught HIIT, extreme core, and cardio hip hop.”

SN: “So what got you into personal training, after all that time as a group fit instructor?”

AW: “Megan pushed me to do personal training. Working in strength and conditioning also pushed me to do it. Megan was the biggest factor though. I just have so many exercises running through my brain all the time. I make my own workouts, as well as workouts for my friends.”

SN: “What is your favorite form[s] of movement?”

AW: “I like any kind of functional or compound movements. I just love how they work so many more muscles than just isolation exercises. I usually focus on compound movements unless the client specifies that they want to target a certain muscle.”

SN: “Can you share a little bit about the Kinesiology internship you did?”

AW: “Yes. I worked with the baseball team in Strength and conditioning. “I love working with athletes and the team environment. I learned so much and developed a really good relationship with the team I worked with. I also worked as an intern the summer before this year, in Kansas City, with a trainer who has his own facility. He had mainly high school students who were trying to get to the college level. Tyrek Hill, the Chief’s player works with him. It’s called Top Speed. That was a great experience too.”

SN: “So how long did you work with the baseball team?”

AW: “I just did the baseball internship for second semester junior year. Since I changed my career path, I had to let that go.”

SN: “Do you feel that others around you, such as your friends and family have benefited from your fitness background?”

AW: “Yes. I have made workouts for my mom and her friends. I also try to educate my roommates.”

 “Do you feel like group fitness or personal training is more challenging for you?”

AW: “Group fitness. You must be so general, and you can’t get that individual feedback like in personal training. In personal training, you can communicate better about what the client wants or doesn’t want, which makes personal training a bit easier.”

SN: “Does teaching in front of so many people in group fitness ever make you nervous?”

AW: “Outside of the gym I’d say I’m quite an introvert. Teaching cardio hip hop I’ve gotten up to one-hundred people in my class. I just come so out of my shell, and sometimes I can’t believe I teach!”

SN: “So how long have you worked as a personal trainer?”

AW: “I just started personal training in September of this year.”



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