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Cat Fit! Getting Stronger, Together!

Do you love an athletic challenge? Cat-fit, and it’s more rigorous relative Cat-Fit Extreme are here to challenge you physically, coach you on a diverse range of training movements, and bring you into a community of fun folks who love to train!

Catfit and Catfit Ex offer group training revolving around strength and conditioning style programming meaning Fit Cats can expect to participate in weightlifting as well as
high intensity conditioning activities such as sled pushing, kettlebell training, and calisthenics.


Some words from participants on what they love about Cat Fit:

“Going to Cat Fit was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my time at K-State. Not only have I grown both physically and mentally, but I have met some amazing people who continue to push me every day. Everyone in the room is there to grow themselves and help others reach their goals, and I could not be more grateful for all I have learned about myself, exercising, and how to be the best version of myself from Cat Fit!” – Julia

“Catfit was a great way for me to gain confidence and skills for working out outside of machines. The coaches are great. Very talented. I liked the camaraderie. We all grew stronger together. I’d recommend it to anyone.” – Andrey

“Catfit is an awesome community of young adults that are excited about exploring different assets of working out. Everyone is very supportive of one another because we are all there to try and better ourselves. It’s very exciting when you see someone achieving a lift or exercise that they use to struggle with before or adding a heavier weight. I not only feel that catfit has provided me with great skills to be able to put together a challenging workout but catfit most importantly has been great for my mental health. It’s a time where I get to put all my stresses of the week to the side and get my body up and moving. Catfit has been a great constant for me through college and I would definitely recommend it to anyone of any exercise experience!” – Bailey

Interested in becoming stronger, making new friends, and gaining mastery in the gym? Sign up here: 

You can sign up for the second session of Cat Fit by swinging into the rec services office. The office is open Mondays 8-7, Tuesday – Thursday 8-6, Fridays 8-5, and Saturday 9-12.

The second session will meet Tu/Th 7-8pm and begins March 24th and ends April 30th.

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