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Hale Library: Finding the unexpected

Hale Library has seen a lot of damage from smoke and water, but even in times of chaos, we continue to capture images of unexpected humor and beauty.

The limestone siding of Hale shows water leaking out from the water used to put out the fire.
Two days after the fire, Hale still had water leaking through the limestone. May 24, 2018.
The great room covered in water reflects the decorative windows on the floor.
In the midst of destruction we find beauty. Seeing the ornamental window reflected in the water creates the illusion of calm in chaos. May 24, 2018.
A woman in an orange vest and a white hard hat sits in a chair under a sign that reads get comfy and tell us what you think.
Dean Lori Goetsch sits under a sign that says “Get comfy and tell us what you think” that was put up before the fire and survived the damage. June 8, 2018.
A limestone wall has dead vines climbing up the side.
We found dead vines behind the drywall that are at least 26 years old. July 2, 2018.
Red puzzle pieces on a dark blue table are scattered around to reveal light blue puzzle shapes left on the table.
Another unusual finding: Puzzle pieces on the fourth floor that—when moved—left their shapes behind in the soot. May 28, 2018.
A desk with a round mouse pad has been moved to show a perfect circle where the mouse pad once sat.
The soot covered every surface, so when items are moved it leaves a perfect imprint behind. June 29, 2018. 
A woman in an orange vest holds a cardboard cutout of a teenage boy in a blue sweater and white pants.
Kathryn Talbot found a cardboard cutout of Niall Horan on the third floor that came from the old Communication and Marketing Office. May 31, 2018.
Thick white tubes are hanging through the window and scattered all over the corridor.
The tubes that stretch throughout the building create a science fiction atmosphere in the library. May 31, 2018. 
White tubes are sticking out of windows and extend to the metal chain link fence.
The science fiction effect extends outside the building, too. The tubes stick out of the windows and connect to generators that push cool air into the building. May 31, 2018.
A quote from Nelson Mandela on a white board that reads "It always seems impossible until it's done."
This inspirational quote was posted during finals week and has become an unofficial motto for library staff and Belfor crews. The majority of the whiteboards have been removed with exception of this one, which everyone passes when checking in or out of the building. The sign was created by Jordyn Peyla, a student worker in the Media Development Center. 

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