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This week, we thought it would be interesting to look back at all the stories and updates we’ve posted in the last two years and share the top ten most viewed blog posts. A lot of progress has been made since the 2018 fire in Hale Library, and it is rewarding to see what stories have most resonated with the community following our story.

Below are the top ten most popular blog posts we’ve ever published, along with a quick synopsis of what each post focuses on. Feel free to click around and explore!

#1: After the Hale Library Fire: What’s past is prologue

This was our blog’s very first post, written just a few short weeks after the fire in Hale Library. In the aftermath of the fire, it quickly became apparent to us that we would have quite a story to share, and that the community wanted information about what happened to the library. We also knew people would want to see progress as we began the long journey to restore the building. In this first post, we shared the details of the fire, the heroic actions of the first responders who worked to save the library and pictures of leadership surveying the smoke and water damage.

A picture of Manhattan firefighters on the roof of the library.
Manhattan firefighters on the roof of Hale Library as the sun sets on May 22, 2018. Photo courtesy Manhattan Fire Department.

#2: Hale Library: Week five update

Another early post, this entry shared more pictures of the library after much of the damage had been surveyed. During this time, construction revolved mainly around demolition and removing damaged ceiling, dry wall and carpeting. A lot of the technology and furniture was damaged from soot and had to be disposed of as well.

A picture of a broken pillar decoration on a damaged table.
The Great Room tables sustained a significant amount of water damage from the 2018 fire. Unfortunately, they could not be salvaged.

#3: Building update: We’re in full swing!

This spring, we shared new photos of some of the spaces in Hale Library that were near to completion. This included Joyce and Joe’s Cornerstone Café. We also highlighted the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab and efforts by the Digital Fabrication Lab to create face shields for local healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

A picture of Jahvelle Rhone holding a face shield.
Jahvelle Rhone, media coordinator for the Media Center, holds a newly 3D-printed face shield. Jahvelle and the K-State Digital Fabrication Club have been using 3D printers to create these face shields for local healthcare workers.

#4: What happens to wet books?

After the fire, the books in Hale Library sustained damage from water and soot. The wet books underwent a very delicate and special process to prepare them for transportation to a cleaning facility in Texas. Check out this post to learn more about how wet books are saved.

A picture of many boxes filled with books.
The wet books sat in the Housing and Dining Services freezer before they were transported to Ft. Worth, Texas for cleaning.

#5: Exploring alternative study spots with Brenna

The fire in Hale Library made it impossible for students to continue studying in the building. Students were suddenly looking for new places across campus to study, and so we worked with a student, Brenna, to share good study spots that students could make use of while Hale Library was unavailable.

#6: Building Update: Taking Things to the Next Level

We shared this post just a few weeks before the pandemic hit—at the time, we were all prepped for the second floor to open. As such, this post mainly shares photos of the second floor being outfitted with soft seating and computer spaces. We also shared pictures of the lattice work wood ceiling being finalized in the Great Room.

A picture of the Great Room ceiling woodwork.
In February, most of the Great Room ceiling woodwork was completed, including the tresses and purlins.

#7: Hale Library featured on “Rescue Heroes”

In January of 2019, Hale Library and the emergency first responders who responded to the fire were profiled in “Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team.” The episode gives an overview of the fire, including interviews from rescue and recovery personnel, students and faculty. You can watch the segment highlighting Hale Library at the YouTube video we link to in the post.

#8: Building Update: It’s all about the atmosphere

In late April, we shared a building update about further progress on the library. The scaffolding in the Great Room came down around that time and the wooden ceiling was completed. Purple lighting was also installed throughout the first and second floors of the building.

A picture of the Great Room lighting from the balcony.
From the fourth floor balcony within the Great Room, you get a great view of the completed ceiling woodwork and the new lighting.

#9: After the Fire: Where are they now?

After the fire, more than 80 K-State Libraries staff and faculty were left without access to an office space. Thankfully, more than 13 offices and departments graciously welcomed our staff into temporary work spaces. In this post, we shared photos about where everybody ended up.

#10: Giving thanks for the Manhattan Fire Department and all first responders

Close to the Thanksgiving holiday in 2018, K-State Libraries staff visited the Manhattan Fire Department Headquarters to say thank you for their work in saving Hale Library. The post features some of the firefighters who helped combat the fire, along with photos of them in action.

A picture of a fire engine in front of Hale Library.
A fire engine extends its ladder onto the northwest corner of Historic Farrell Library. May 22, 2018.

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