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Mentoring Connection – September 2017 Newsletter

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Program Updates – Gathering Feedback

Over the course of the academic year, we will be introducing several new tools to gather feedback from our mentors and mentees. Following each meeting, we encourage you to complete the “Post-Meeting Survey.” These surveys are six questions long, and are to be based on your most recent meeting with your mentor/mentee. Links to mentor and mentee specific surveys can be found below. If you have any questions, please email austin33@k-state.edu.


“In Your Experience…” – Monthly Discussion Questions for Mentoring Pairs

  • Who has influenced you the most in your career/professional development?
  • How do you practice professional development?
  • How do you manage a balance between work/school and your personal life?
  • What is the greatest piece of advice you have received?


Professional Skills – Building Your Personal Brand

“There are many components of our personal brands, and it can be tricky to know which ones to emphasize.”

  • Article by the K-State Career Center: Click Here
  • Discuss with your mentor/mentee the importance of building your personal brand.


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Your Mentoring Experience – Pre-Meeting Forms

To help guide conversation and give you a road map for your mentoring meetings, we have developed a pre-meeting questionnaire designed to prepare mentors for their next meeting with their mentee. The form consists of three easy questions, and has been provided via email to all current mentors. The use of these forms is optional. Mentors should provide this form to their mentee if they would like them to fill it out prior to a meeting. If you have any questions or need a copy of the questionnaire, please email austin33@k-state.edu.


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