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Resources for the Kansas Exchange: Health insurance premiums and other options

There are several excellent resources available for consumers trying to make sense of what the Marketplace/Exchange in Kansas looks like.

The Kansas Insurance Department has a consumer friendly site that helps individuals and families understand the new Marketplace and offers some resources for support in making decisions.

Our colleagues at the Kansas Health Institute have a very informative map on their home page that shows what the ranges of prices for health insurance premiums through the Exchange are in Kansas.  HHS reports that the average monthly premium for a middle of the road plan in Kansas is $260/month, less than the US average of $328/month, the fifth lowest rates in the nation.

The Kansas Health Institute also has an issue brief on the Marketplace.  The brief includes

  • a summary of the 65 types of plans being offered to individuals and
  • tables showing examples of costs depending on region of state, age, and income level including the range of monthly savings for those receiving tax credits (between $100 and $1000/month depending on age and income level).


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