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Spotlight: AudioBoo, a verbal form of Twitter

AudioBoo (aka Audioboo, audioBoo) is a social media software launched in March that’s promoting verbal interactions on the Web. Located at audioboo.fm (think of “FM radio”), it allows users to post brief verbal comments called “boos” that can be followed by others. It’s already networking with other social media — including Facebook, FriendFeed, Tumblr, and even Twitter — and the first AudioBoo newsletter was e-mailed today.

“It’s like Twitter, but with audio snippets,” said Ben Ward, instructional designer in K-State’s Information Technology Assistance Center. He noted the primary way to publish AudioBoo content is through an iPhone (it’s an iPhone application, after all) but a computer interface is promised.

One of the most exciting aspects of AudioBoo is its ability to do audio-to-text conversion after SpinVox voice-to-text service was integrated. See TechRadar.com’s July 8 article, “Audioboo turns iPhone audio into text; AudioBoo and Spinvox make the world’s journos very happy”.

That article also notes the new service is growing fast. In July, AudioBoo had about “30,000 registered users, with more than one Audioboo audio recording made every five minutes.”

As with other new social media, there are potential legal issues to consider and sort out, including copyright, privacy, and intellectual property rights.

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