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Free tool: Dropbox (online storage space)

What it is: An online tool to store all your files such as documents, images, and videos, and access them from a central location.

What it does: After creating your own Dropbox account, this free service allows you to have access to your files at your fingertips and exchange files with other Dropbox users. It is web-based and independent of the computer you are using.

A quick download of the Dropbox application to your computer permits all documents to be uploaded and available in the Dropbox website. Files can be exchanged easily across Macs and PCs.

Note: Internal, confidential, and proprietary data should not be shared with third-party services. See Data Classification Schema in K-State’s Data Classification and Security Policy. Also, the K-State Zimbra Briefcase allows for file storage.

Advantages and high points 

  1. Access anywhere, anytime from work, home, or even through a phone (iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry).
  2. Share files with others easily.
  3. Have the option to share individual files/folders with team members.
  4. Free 2GB of space per account.
  5. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

More info

Price: Free (freeware) 


• Set up a free Dropbox account

• 512MB of computer memory (for downloading the application)

• Web browser (Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 9+) to access the website

Where to get it:
Dropbox website