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Presentation on using electronic social network analysis to understand online relationships

By Rosemary Talab

Social Network Graph

Shalin Hai-Jew will speak about the use of the freeware tool Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel for mapping online relationships from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday,Nov. 14, in 21 Bluemont Hall. 

This tool can be applied to communications networks used within gaming and immersive environments such as chat and instant messaging. If users have application programming interfaces that enables them to extract the requisite data such as unique identity identifiers, amount of messaging and the directions of the messages.

Examples of social media platforms would be microblogging sites like Twitter; social networking sites like Facebook; content sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube, email networks, Web logs or blogs, and other spaces like learning management systems. See how to extract publicly available data for network visualization and analysis. Learn how to create graphs from fast unfolding events. For more information contact Rosemary Talab at talab@k-state.edu.

(Editor’s note: Reprinted from K-State Today’s article published Nov. 13, 2013.)

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