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Educational technology conference SIDLIT slated July 31-Aug. 1

Colleague to Colleague, a regional professional organization, is set to host its annual Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology (SIDLIT, pronounced “sidelight”) July 31 – Aug. 1 (Thursday and Friday).  This two-day regional conference will be held at Johnson County Community College, in Overland Park, Kansas. The last day for registration is July 18. 

"Reimagining Education: Trends, Challenges, and New Technology"

The keynote speaker is Richard Culatta, director of the Office of Educational Technology of the U.S. Department of Education.   He will be presenting via webcast.

Scheduled presentations:  The scheduled presentation topics include Google Glass, big data analytics, alternate-reality gaming, mobile learning apps, web conferencing tools, digital audio recording, open-source learning resources, a sophisticated electronic survey tool, and the badging phenomena in learning.  Several presentations focus on technological systems issues — such as setting up enterprise in-house video streaming and another on changing learning management systems.  There will be special interest group (SIG) discussions during the Friday lunch.  The full schedule may be accessed at the main conference site.

Presenters from K-State include the following (in no particular order):

  • Brent A. Anders and Artur Gregorian will co-present on “Instructional Video Capture — K-State’s Pilot Results:  Using Mediasite for Classroom Capture and Beyond.”
  • Joelle Pitts, Melia Fritch, and Holger Lenz will co-present on “An International Flipped Classroom:  Meeting the Literacy Needs of International Students through the English Language Program.”
  • Ben Ward, Daniel Ireton, Joelle Pitts, and Nathan Bean will discuss “Transmedia Storytelling Redux: The Results of the Ready Player One Game.”
  • Holger Lenz and Swasati Mukherjee will co-present on the Qualtrics survey tool in their presentation, “All the Things Qualtrics Can Do Besides Cooking.”
  • Rosemary Talab will present on “Showcasing Student Growth and Learning with a Blog ePortfolio,” and “Real Approaches to Virtual Teaching and Advising via Zoom Videoconferencing.”
  • Doris Wright-Carroll and Annie Hoekman will present on “Recognizing and Reducing Microaggressions in Online Courses.”
  • Meagan Duever will co-present on “Data Visualization Tools for the Novice,” with a special focus on Google Fusion Tables.
  • Shalin Hai-Jew will present on “Exploring the Google Books Ngram Viewer for ‘Big Data’ Text Corpus Visualizations,” “Using Maltego Tungsten to Explore the Cyber-Physical Confluence in Geolocation,” and “AutoMap-ping Texts for Human-Machine Analysis and Sense-Making.”
  • Ben Ward will lead a special interest group (SIG) discussion on gamification, and Shalin Hai-Jew will lead one on a modified e-Delphi study on massive open online courses that projected the near-future of MOOCs.

Registration cost:  The cost of registration is $50 for the two days, which includes some meals and snacks.  Students with proof of identification only pay $40 for the two days.  Hotel accommodations and other potential costs are not included in this registration.  To register, go to the SIDLIT conference registration site.

For more information and to view the complete schedule of nearly 70 presentations, go to the C2C conference site.  This conference is also being publicized through a Facebook page.