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Face-to-face and online NVivo trainings by QSR International

by Cynthia Jacobs, QSR International

If you are just getting started with NVivo, or looking for some more advanced training, there are several very good opportunities coming up this spring, including face-to-face workshops; self-paced, week-long online courses; and dedicated sessions.


F2F workshops.  Two-day classroom workshops are offered in several cities, including Denver (March 16-17) and Chicago (May 18-19). These workshops are hands-on sessions which begin with the basics and offer you a chance to immerse in NVivo, coming away with a strong conceptual understanding and a start on your own project.  The cost for the workshops alone is $650 for the two days, or $550 for students.

Self-paced, week-long online courses.  Self-paced online courses are available on an ongoing basis for both NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac. Each course (“Fundamentals” and “Moving On”) runs for one week with a discussion forum monitored by a team of instructors, and culminates with a “live” webinar session where you have the opportunity to share your work, and your questions, with an instructor.  The week-long online courses are $50 each for students ($100 for others).

Dedicated sessions.  Dedicated sessions vary by the number in the group:

  • $2,800 per day for a group of up to 15 if we’re there in person (plus a pass-through of travel/accommodation costs)
  • $460 per hour for a group of 4-15
  • $350 per hour for 2-3
  • $250 per hour for a single person

Unfortunately, there are no student rates for the dedicated sessions.

For more information about these courses, see the QSR Training and Consultancy Services.  

To discuss the possibility of a dedicated session for your own research team, contact c.jacobs@qsrinternational.com.