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Sharing K-State NVivo license key with research partners on non-commercial research projects

QSR International recently approved a change to the K-State site license agreement to enable K-State researchers (faculty, staff, and graduate students) to share the K-State license key with direct individual research partners on non-commercial research projects.  These research partners may be undergraduate researchers and / or individuals from off-campus.


A limited use case.  This is a limited site license extension that applies to individuals who are collaborating on research (such as by coding qualitative, mixed methods, and multi-methodology research data, or advising on a project). The license does not apply to other groups or organizations.

Access for research partners on non-commercial research projects at K-State.  For those individuals, they should download the proper version of the software at the Downloads site for QSR International. The software can then be activated with the license key, which may be shared directly (and privately) with the individual.  The license key is updated annually.  The partner researcher’s access should lapse at the completion of the shared research project.


The K-State individual should never share his or her eID/password credentials with anyone.  Log in to the K-State NVivo Download site should never be directly shared.  The K-State NVivo site license key should not be posted publicly.  QSR International and K-State monitor activations of the software.

If there are any questions, please email shalin@k-state.edu, or call 785-532-5262.