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Check out the new Waters 231 technology classroom renovation

A big project this summer was the complete renovation and remodeling of the Waters 231 technology classroom. With faculty and student input, the Division of Facilities and iTAC have planned and created an updated space for teaching and learning.

Completed renovation of Waters 231 technology classroom, with link to panorama view
Completed renovation of Waters 231 classroom. Panorama view: Click the image, then drag left-right.

The most significant changes:

  • Seating was shifted 90 degrees, so students now face the east side of the room where the screens, podium, and the instructor stand.
  • Safety: To comply with the latest fire code standards and to make the new seating more comfortable, the room capacity was reduced from 194 to 163 seats.
  • ADA-accessible seating is included.
  • Technology upgrade: Two projection screens are on either side of the instructor’s podium, and two cameras are at the front and back of the room for lecture capture and web conferencing.
  • Wireless network infrastructure: Upgraded to provide capacity for a higher number of user devices.

Construction was completed by the time classes started Aug. 24. Training for faculty and staff who use the new space is provided as usual. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact Kevin Shippy (kshippy@k-state.edu) or Ryan Hagar (rhagar@k-state.edu).