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K-State Upgrades to NVivo 11 Plus

Kansas State University recently upgraded the university’s site license from NVivo 10 and NVivo 11 Pro to NVivo 11 Plus (on Windows) and NVivo 11 for the Mac.  This software is downloadable from the Downloads page for QSR International, and the site license is available from the K-State NVivo page.

3D bar chart, sentiment analysis, NVivo 11 Plus
A Bar Chart from a Sentiment Analysis Run on Text Data in NVivo 11 Plus.

New Capabilities

NVivo 11 Plus features some new software tool capabilities.  These include the mapping of ego neighborhood sociograms (focused around a target account) downloaded from Twitter (a microblogging site).

A Partially Zoomed-in View of a Twitter Sociogram for the @KStateNews Account on Twitter
A Partially Zoomed-in View of a Twitter Sociogram for the @KStateNews Account on Twitter

Also, there are some new autocoding features which may be applied to text documents and corpora. These enablements include sentiment analysis, theme and sub-theme extraction (topic modeling), and others.

Autocoded Themes and Subthemes from @KStateNews Tweetstream on Twitter

These capabilities are in addition to autocoding by text style and autocoding by existing pattern (autocoding emulating human manual coding of text-based data).  The tool enables a wide variety of data visualizations to summarize the underlying data.

A Word Cloud of the @KStateNews Tweetstream
A Word Cloud of the @KStateNews Tweetstream

Accessing the New NVivo 11 Plus Site License Key

At the end of September 2015, QSR International changed the NVivo software tool into three different types:  Starter, Pro, and Plus.  The closest equivalent, in terms of NVivo 10 capabilities, would be a mix of NVivo 11 Pro and Plus.

To enable K-State users to access the most advanced autocoding capabilities of the tool, the university upgraded its site license.

According to the terms of the university’s site license agreement, all faculty, staff, and administrators and graduate students at K-State may install two copies of NVivo software on their respective computers (typically understood as an office computer and a laptop).  Users may install any combination, whether NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac, or two versions for the same operating systems.  (The license keys are available in Step 4 on this page.)

Individuals working on formal research projects at Kansas State University may be given access to the K-State license for the duration of the research project.  The license key is updated annually.  The remainder of the current site license extends through approximately April 2016. (QSR maintains a record of all licenses activated using the K-State license.)

A Free 14-Day Trial Version

Those who wish may download the 14-day trial software to see if they like the new look-and-feel and capabilities before changing.  However, accessing this will require the sharing of personal information.

Some may want to have both NVivo 10 and NVivo 11 Plus installed (on machines running the Windows operating system) and give the upgraded software a try before moving over for good.  The NVivo 11 Plus can handle NVivo 10 and 9 project files, but the converse is not true (NVivo 9 or 10 cannot open an NVivo 11 project).

If there are any questions, please contact shalin@k-state.edu or call 785-532-5262.