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New site license keys for NVivo 11 Plus and NVivo 10

Kansas State University has new site license keys for NVivo 11 Plus and NVivo 10 to cover access through April 2017.  To access the site license(s), visit the following site, and sign in with a current K-State eID and password.

Automated Insights Sample Project in NVivo 11 Plus
Automated Insights Sample Project in NVivo 11 Plus

To download NVivo 11 Plus (or NVivo 10), visit the QSR International Downloads page. Again, the license keys are available at the following protected site.

NVivo 11 Plus and NVivo 10 two separate installations

Please note that NVivo 11 Plus and NVivo 10 are separate installations.  NVivo 10 does not update to NVivo 11 Plus.  NVivo 11 Plus has to be downloaded from QSR International and installed onto the local computer as a stand-alone software.  (NVivo 11 and 10 may both be running at the same time on a computer system.)  NVivo 11 Plus requires its own license key (starting with NVT11) and NVivo 10 its own (starting with NVT10).

No backwards compatibility of .nvp / .nvpx project files

Also, while NVivo 11 Plus opens NVivo 10 files, NVivo 10 cannot open NVivo 11 Plus files (the projects are not reverse compatible).  Updating an NVivo file to NVivo 11 Plus is one-directional only.

This means that if a researcher has updated an NVivo project file to NVivo 11 Plus, colleagues using NVivo 10 will not be able to access the project using the older software.  If a research team has members using NVivo 10 only, then the team would do well to stay with the older version for the coding and analysis (and maybe use NVivo 11 Plus for the higher level analytics involving sentiment analysis and theme / subtheme extraction, and other features of NVivo 11 Plus).

NVivo project files created on Windows OS may be recoded for use on a Mac OS and vice versa.

If there are any questions, please email shalin@k-state.edu, or call 785-532-5262.