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KSIS upgrade coming fall 2017

by Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce that K-State’s Student Information System (KSIS) will be upgraded to a new release fall 2017. The upgrade represents K-State’s ongoing investment to provide the KSIS user community with the most complete, flexible, and innovative student information system available.

The latest release will deliver mission-critical features and meet a large number of functional expectations associated with a top tier 4-year public institution, including:

  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Enhanced navigation and search features
  • Web content accessibility guidelines compliance
  • Improved system life cycle management tools
  • Additional features that support the student life cycle

Below is a preview of the dramatically improved KSIS student homepage coming fall 2017.


The KSIS Upgrade project will require time and dedication of many functional and technical experts. We are therefore implementing a temporary moratorium on new, non-essential KSIS projects effective immediately. The moratorium will be lifted soon after the successful completion of the project.

For more information about the KSIS upgrade, view the KSIS Upgrade project website. If you have specific questions, contact Diana Blake dkblake@k-state.edu or 785 532-7843, associate director, Information Systems Office.

KSIS provides students, faculty, and staff with access to student data including admissions, academics, financial information, and more. KSIS also serves designees—parents or others—who have been granted access by their student.