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Cybersecurity: It’s not all about YOU, but it’s close

Editor’s note: October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). This is part of an IT security series during October to help K-Staters protect themselves, their data, and their money.


Be suspicious.
By using common sense, you can spot and stop most attacks.

You are the one. Technology alone will never be able to fully protect you. Attackers have learned that the easiest way to bypass even the most advanced security technology is by attacking YOU.

If they want your password, credit card, or personal data, the easiest thing for them to do is to trick you into giving them this information.



  • They might phone and say, “Hello, this is Microsoft tech support. Your computer is infected.” In reality, they are just cybercriminals who want you to give them access to your computer.
  • They might email and say, “Your package could not be delivered. Please click on a link to confirm your mailing address.” In reality, they want to trick you into visiting a malicious website that will hack into your computer.

This is how attacks such as Ransomware or CEO Fraud start. Ultimately, the greatest defense against attackers is you.

Excerpted with permission from the OUCH! newsletter’s “Four Steps to Staying Secure” at securingthehuman.sans.org.

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