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Improvements made to the K-State Online Attendance App

The default setting in the K-State Online Attendance App was changed on Wednesday, Nov. 8. The default-setting change does not affect your previously logged course attendance. The change was an improvement requested by K-State instructors.

An updated list of Attendance statuses has been added to the app. All old statuses are still listed; however, the program now defaults to a state of “—” (three dashes) instead of defaulting to “Present.” Click any of the images below to enlarge the view.

Image of default attendance

A status of “—” indicates that no record has yet been saved for the student. Note: The “—” does NOT mean the student was “Absent,” “Tardy,” or “Excused.”

The recommended procedure for recording attendance is to first mark all students who are “Absent,” “Tardy,” or “Excused.”

Image of attendance status


After marking all applicable students, click the button “Set Unassigned to Present” to change all remaining “—” statuses to “Present”.

Image of unassigned attendance

In addition to the default-setting change, an updated Help section has been added to the K-State Online Attendance App.