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Software requests due Dec. 1 for computing labs, InfoCommons for fall 2018

The Information Technology Assistance Center is currently taking requests for software additions on the computers in the centrally supported technology classrooms, the K-State InfoCommons and the university computing labs (1 Dickens Hall, 001 Seaton Hall and the K-State Union Computing lab). The deadline for software requests is Dec. 1.

Software requested must be free to use, or the requesting department must provide the licensing. When a department provides the licensing, iTAC will work with the department to determine the number of licenses needed and monitor compliance. The list of software in the technology classrooms is available from http://www.k-state.edu/its/classrooms/software/index.html . The current list of software in the computer labs is at k-state.edu/its/labs/software.html.

If you have any software you would like added or have questions, contact Kevin Shippy, kshippy@k-state.edu, 785-532-3343.