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Beware: Phishing scams on the rise this week

K-State is seeing a significant increase in the number of phishing scams within the last few days.  Phishing scams are used as a way to trick you into giving up your credentials (eID and password). Once you give up your credentials, the scammer has access to all your K-State accounts.

There have been 239 phishing scams — some duplicates — resulting in 43 compromised accounts since Mon., June 11. The compromised accounts are then used to send additional phishing scams.

K-State will never ask for your eID, password, etc. by email or in a survey. If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of an email, check the Phishing scams website.  When in doubt don’t respond, just delete.

Report phishing scams to abuse@ksu.edu and be sure to include the email headers in your message.

Contact the IT Help Desk 785-532-7722 if you have additional questions about phishing scams.