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IT Update

The rebuilding phase for information technology is in full swing. Below are some of the activities of information technology over the first five weeks of the year.

Modernize Data Center

An “on-prem” location search for the data center is underway. IT is working on the cloud first strategy. Project plans will be shared as they are completed.

Service Operations

Duo, two-factor authentication is being rolled out in increments of 200-300 individuals every two weeks. We now have 765 faculty/staff using two-factor authentication.


The Tactical Planning session with the extended IT Leadership group was well received with attendees developing pre-charters for 13 of the objectives in the IT Strategic Plan. Data gathered from the session is under review. Listening sessions continue on campus to ensure we captured the expectations of K-Staters. Individuals who want to provide feedback, can do so on this form.

The ERP Task Force is drafting their final report with a release planned for mid-February.


IT Cybersecurity Awareness Training will be sent to student employees in February 2019.

IT is offering a diverse set of training (Canvas, KSIS, CMS, Qualtrics, MS Word, Office 365, etc). for campus constituents. Learn about dates/times for training from https://www.k-state.edu/its/events. If you would like specific topic for your unit, please request the topic.


Information Technology continues to remind faculty, staff and students to be aware of phishing scams. This week, IT pulled more than 19,000 scams from inboxes related to the “Job Opportunities” scam. Common scams reaching inboxes are the iTunes gift card, the boss requests a meeting and invoices/eInvoices billing to review. When in doubt, delete!

Comparison of Phishing Scams and Compromised eIDs 

YTD 2019 YTD 2018
Compromised eIDs 59 55
Phishing scams 152 66
Phishing scam tickets processed 344 267