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ITS Data Center relocation

The Data Center Relocation project gets underway this week with Amazon Web Services (AWS) representatives onsite to provide migration readiness planning. This sixteen-week effort is designed to prepare ITS staff to move services to the cloud environment and out of the Hale Library data center.

The phases for the project include:

  • Retain AWS Professional Services for Migration Planning
  • Move the K-State Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Managed Services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Move critical workloads to AWS via VMWare
  • Move the existing SoftwareAG WebMethods implementation to the SoftwareAG iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) solution
  • Implement a reliable backup and recovery solution
  • Move services that will run most efficiently onsite than in AWS to a new physical on-premise data center

The project is scheduled to conclude in March 2020. Milestones and successes will be announced in K-State Today and on the strategic planning website.

Data Center Relocation Timeline
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Plans to move out of Hale Library were in the works and part of the IT Strategic Plan. The fire on the roof of Hale resulting in significant smoke, water and corrosion damage shortened the lifespan of the data center hardware and accelerated the timeline for the planning and the relocation move.

Amanda Tross serves as the IT Project Manager. Staff from across ITS are participating in the project. Some of the leads include:

  • Rob Caffey: AWS-MRP and WebMethods Project Lead
  • Chad Currier – Project Lead
  • Greg Dressman: VMC, Backup & Recovery Solution, and On-Premise Data Center Project Lead
  • Julie Henton: Procurement Lead
  • Loren Wilson: ERP Project Lead
  • Ashley Wondra: KITO Liaison
  • Gary Pratt, CIO serves as the Project Sponsor