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August brings a frenetic rush to the finish line – the first day of classes. This month we continue with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Migration Readiness Project (MRP), the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) rollout, wireless controller and firewall upgrades and so much more.Updates


The CIO and Deputy CIOs will be convening listening sessions with ITS staff on the process of reorganization. Data were provided to staff in advance of the meeting to prepare for the discussion and questions. Staff also were provided a link to an anonymous feedback survey.Service Operations


IT continues with Duo, two-factor authentication, deployment. About  4,718 licenses have been used.

Data center relocation project

The data center relocation project is in its twelfth week, partnering with Amazon Web Services for migration planning via eight work streams about 40 employees are actively engaged in the project. See project website.

AWS training

  • Free virtual Technical Essentials training is being offered on Sept. 27 as a six-hour synchronous session. Register for the training now.
  • AWS Immersion Day for Oct. 30. The morning sessions include a high-level overview of AWS cloud, networking, storage and databases. In the afternoon, there are hands-on activities on the topics of Auto-Scaling, Well Architected and Cloud Formation.

NTS wireless infrastructure upgrade

Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) continues with the wireless infrastructure upgrade throughout campus and work in many campus buildings including Hale, Eisenhower, the Soccer field and more.

CRM project

Updates to the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) project can be found on the the CRM website.

Student Success Collaborative

We are working with our campus partners on the Student Success Collaborative. Undergraduate academic programs are providing new success markers for analytics to better identify intervention points. We are also updating the EIS, which is global campus course approval process, to stabilize the system for a better user experience. 

General-use classrooms

Partnering with the Division of Facilities, six general-use classrooms have been updated including Bluemont 101, Kedzie 106, Leasure 001, Seaton 2068, Throckmorton 1021, and Willard 025. New projectors have been installed in 20 rooms and basic systems have been upgraded in 20 rooms.

Strategic plan

Coming soon are objectives and tactical plans to the IT Strategic Plan.


Checkout the ITS events calendar for information on available training sessions.


Comparison of Phishing Scams and Compromised eIDs 

YTD 2019 YTD 2018 YTD 2017
Compromised eIDs 421 395 2998
Phishing scams 932 345 812
Phishing scam tickets processed 2435 1656 4758