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Canvas: August updates

Updates to Canvas were released on August 17. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete August Release Notes.

The following updates have been made in Canvas:

  • Unsplash Course Card Image Search — The Flickr image search has been replaced by Unsplash, which offers high-quality, safe images for use as course card images. When an instructor uses images for course cards, Unsplash image search replaces the existing Flickr search functionality. The Flickr logo has been removed from the interface. Existing images imported from Flickr will not be affected.
  • File Attachment Default — In Discussions, the option for students to add file attachments is enabled by default. This behavior aligns consistency with other Canvas features that allow attachments by default and resolves the common expectation by instructors that students can attach files to discussion posts. When instructors view the Discussions Settings for their courses, the option to Attach Files to Discussions is selected by default. If preferred, instructors can disable the option for students to add attachments in Course Settings or the Discussions Settings menu.