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IT Update

In June, things really start to heat up inside and outside. Some of the many projects either completed or in the works follow. 

Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) is working to improve the IT infrastructure while there are fewer individuals on campus. Infrastructure projects include:

  • Completed the KDA Lab building network installation
  • Working with contractors and design teams in Hale Library, Snyder Family Stadium, the Multicultural Center and McCain Auditorium
  • Continued renovation and wiring projects in Mosier, Derby, Weber, Leasure and Call Hall
  • Install county-wide public safety radio system
  • Planning AV upgrades for Olathe and centrally supported classrooms
  • Planning for the WSU Nursing program in Justin
  • Working with Riley County Emergency Management to upgrade the campus 911 system

In support of business continuity, NTS developed voice solutions for campus offices with IP phones, soft phones configuring EC500 licenses and assisting with call forwarding. 

The server technology teams continue to work on projects associated with changes to the data center (updating, moving and retiring services) and with our cloud first strategy and AWS cost optimization. Facilities and the Academic Student and Technology staff are improving five centrally scheduled classrooms (Cardwell 101, Cardwell 144/145, Dickens 207, Durland 1073,  and Justin 109).

Staff in conjunction with K-State Libraries are following university protocols in preparation to reopen the second floor of Hale in early July. Plans are to open the IT Help Desk and approximately 25 computers and three printers in the newly renovated second floor space. Guidelines will be in place for cleaning and social distancing.

Phishing scams and fraudulent schemes persist with individuals asking you to get back to them immediately, providing your cellphone number or worse, your password. Scammers are circumventing our “malicious warning notification” by using “ift card” instead of “gift card” in an email. See the Scams blog to view recent scams.

If you are one of the 100 or so K-Staters still using AnyConnect, you have twenty two days until it is no longer available. See the Global Protect VPN website for installation instructions.

The ImageNow upgrade project kicked off last month. For more information, see the ImageNow blog.

HRIS, KSIS, and DARS will be unavailable from midnight – 4 a.m., Sunday, June 14. Information Technology Services will perform scheduled monthly maintenance on the systems.

Since April 8, there have been 29,562 unique users who have changed their password using the new standards with a total of 33,848 password changes in the same time period. 

Comparison of Phishing Scams and Compromised eIDs 

YTD 2020 YTD 2019 YTD 2018
Compromised eIDs 302 409 241
Phishing scams 603 788 228
Phishing scam tickets processed 1663 2186 791