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Author: Charles Appelseth

What can Office 365 Groups do for you?

Office 365 is K-State’s email and calendar platform which includes a suite of apps and features geared toward productivity and collaboration.  Today’s highlighted feature is Office 365 Groups.

Office 365 Groups

Groups are a one-stop shop for collaboration, which bundle some of the Office 365 apps and features.  Apps and features included in Groups at K-State are:


  • Easily email a group of people without setting up a mailing list such as a listserv or distribution list.  Distribution list functionality is built into the group without requiring any special action.
  • Keep group related email together in the conversation-based group inbox which can be set to also deliver to personal inboxes.

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Having trouble finding that email?

Microsoft recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to pin a message or messages to the top of your inbox. Keep those important messages from getting buried by using the pin feature.

Select an email and then click the Pin button to keep it at the top of your inbox.

If you have any questions, contact the IT Help Desk, helpdesk@k-state.edu, 785-532-7722.


Windows RT: Is it right for me?

The Windows RT operating system came out in October, at the same time as Windows 8.  Windows RT:

  • Is a slightly different version of Windows 8
  • Is designed for portable  devices (typically tablet computers) that are using an ARM processor
  • Cannot be purchased alone, but comes pre-installed on select devices

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Check compatibility of software, hardware with Windows 7, 8, and RT operating systems

Microsoft has developed a website where you can check the compatibility of hardware and software with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows RT operating systems.  Check compatibility at Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center.

If you’re buying a new device or upgrading an existing computer, it’s important to check this because current software and hardware may not work with the newer operating systems.  Continue reading “Check compatibility of software, hardware with Windows 7, 8, and RT operating systems”

Air Sketch app on iPad provides “somewhat wireless” use in technology classroom

An application that faculty may be interested in is Air Sketch.  The free version of Air Sketch provides a somewhat-wireless whiteboard and marker function.  In addition, the $9.99 version that includes the whiteboard also allows annotation on JPGs and PDFs in multiple colors.  The Marker utility can also switch from a traditional marker to a highlighter for use in annotations.

How does it work?  Air Sketch will generate a live, updating URL for the document being manipulated.  This URL can be viewed on any device with an HTML 5-compatible web browser.  Continue reading “Air Sketch app on iPad provides “somewhat wireless” use in technology classroom”

Updating to iOS 6 – Things to do to make the transition smoother

Apple’s iOS 6 operating system was released Sept. 19.  Upgrading to iOS 6 shouldn’t pose any problems. Below are six suggestions should trouble arise from the update.

Before getting started, have your Apple ID available.  Some of the processes are going to require input of your Apple ID information, so having it on hand before starting will make your life easier.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID information, you can retrieve your Apple ID and reset the password from the iforgot.apple.com webpage.  Continue reading “Updating to iOS 6 – Things to do to make the transition smoother”