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Author: Jennifer Gehrt

New K-State Mobile app released


A new K-State Mobile app is available for download from the App Store or K-State Mobile appPlay Store. The app is designed to help manage life at K-State and connect to the campus scene. Features include on-the-go people and departmental directories, transportation information, interactive map, K-State Connect and more.

Users can select from four personas at the bottom of the app: Student, Future Student, Faculty/Staff or Family & Friends with varying content for each group.

The app will continue to evolve over the next several months with plans to mobilize some KSIS features, K-State Online, dining center hours and menus, parking garage availability and more. Plans for the app also include specific content for the Olathe and Polytechnic campuses. Please send suggestions for content and features to mobile@ksu.edu.

K-State completes LASER Project

The end of the fall 2008 semester marked the first semester completely managed within K-State’s new iSIS student information system and the completion of the final phase of the student information system installation. More importantly, it was the final step in completing the LASER Project, K-State’s largest-ever information technology project.

The result is a sleek, web-based system available 24/7 from anywhere at any time, with information that is updated on a real-time basis. With the elimination of Social Security numbers as the primary identifier, iSIS provides improved security of personal information. iSIS also is positioned to integrate more easily with other K-State systems such as K-State Online, to improve the instructor experience in attending to administrative details.

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New electronic grade submission process this semester; no more paper forms

Beginning this Fall 2008 term, final grade submission will be electronic-only in iSIS. No paper grade sheets will be provided. Key criteria for electronic grade submission include:

  • For Dec. 15-17 final exams, grades are due 11:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 22.
  • For Dec. 18-19 final exams, grades are due 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 23.
  • Grades for all non-standard courses are due five calendar days after the completion of the course.
  • Grades must be assigned for all students on the grade roster before the faculty member can approve the grades.
  • K-State Online users must submit grades to iSIS and approve in iSIS in order to be posted.

This electronic grade submission process is totally new for this semester and differs from the “Electronic Grade Submission” process used over the last several semesters.  Instructor-led and online sessions are
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Advisor holds on students enrolling for spring semester

The Cashiers section of the Controller’s Office is receiving a large number of inquiries from unhappy students who have been referred to them to clear holds on their records in order for the students to enroll for the spring term. However, the majority of the inquiring students do not have Cashiers holds but other holds — predominantly Advisor Holds and Advisor Survey Holds.

Students may view their holds by following the View Holds instructions in iSIS Help, and will then be able to determine the appropriate action to take. Continue reading “Advisor holds on students enrolling for spring semester”

Grade-submission training available

This semester is the first time that online final-grade submission is required and no paper grade sheets will be provided. Instructor-led and online sessions are available. For course dates and times and instructions for registering for instructor-led training, see the iSIS training site. All sessions are in Fairchild 9. Continue reading “Grade-submission training available”

Class rosters in iSIS, K-State Online, not on paper

Beginning with the new school year, all class-enrollment management will be completed in iSIS, K-State’s new student information system. With this change, class rosters are only available online both in iSIS and in K-State Online. Paper rosters will no longer be distributed to faculty by the Registrar’s Office.

Besides improved efficiencies, this change also allows K-State to better protect student identities, since the SSN is no longer used as a primary identifier on class rosters. Instead, the Wildcat ID, or WID, is used. Instructions for faculty on how to access the class roster can be found on the iSIShelp faculty page (right sidebar).