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Author: Kathy Leonard

Q/A: Office for Mac upgrades on volume-license purchases?

Do K-State departments get a free upgrade to Office 2011 software (for Macs only)?

No. Microsoft purchases made through SHI International (via State Contract 07365) are volume-license purchases. Free upgrades are not available for volume-license purchases (see Microsoft’s Technology Guarantee for details). Departments that need to purchase Office for Mac are encouraged to wait to purchase the new version when it is released.

The only exception is if a department participates in the Software Assurance progam and has purchased it for Office for Mac 2008. In that case, those departments will be notified of upgrade procedures.

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SPSS software pricing going up

IBM SPSS pricing is going up Sept. 28. While this will not impact the campus SPSS-PC license renewal costs this year, it does impact purchases of add-ons made after that time.

Faculty/staff and departments that are considering adding SPSS AMOS, Data Entry, Data Collection, Exact Tests, and so forth should contact Kathy Leonard (kantink@k-state.edu, 785-532-4926) no later than Sept. 23 to take advantage of current pricing.

Adobe contract negotiations under way

The university’s contract with Adobe Systems expires Friday, April 30. Negotiations are under way but are unlikely to be completed until early May.

SHI, our large account reseller for Adobe products, is aware of the situation, and beginning May 1, they will hold Adobe orders until the new contract is completed.

Contact Kathy Leonard (kantink@k-state.edu, 785-532-4926) if you have questions about the contract status. Contact the Purchasing Office  (785-532-6412) if you have specific purchasing questions.

Deep Freeze, Insight software volume-purchase under way

Departments wishing to participate in the software volume-purchase for Faronics products (Deep Freeze for Mac or Windows, and Insight) should contact Kathy Leonard (IT licensing specialist, 785-532-4926, kantink@k-state.edu) before Friday, Nov. 13.

Deep Freeze software (Enterprise edition) allows computers to return to the original computer image upon each reboot. Deep Freeze is a great tool for public-use computers or computers used by many people, such as computing labs, lecture-room presentation systems, and kiosks. While the computer is frozen, any changes made to the computer (installing software, saving files) will be reversed upon restart. Continue reading “Deep Freeze, Insight software volume-purchase under way”

Windows 7 available to departments Sept. 1 from SHI

SHI, contractor for the State Large Account Reseller agreement for software, has announced that Windows 7 will be available for purchase by K-State departments as of Sept. 1. Note that this is an upgrade license only (a Microsoft Windows or Vista operating system must already be in place on the desktop/notebook computer to install Windows 7).

Pricing is expected to be similar to Vista products, both for the license and the media. License-key distribution will also continue in a similar manner.

Harvard Townsend, K-State’s chief information security officer, urges people to delay putting Windows 7 into production and only buy it now for testing. He cites several reasons: Continue reading “Windows 7 available to departments Sept. 1 from SHI”

K-State Online, other systems maintenance Thursday, Sept. 3

On Thursday, Sept. 3, some K-State systems and services may be unavailable for nearly 90 minutes for a storage firmware update. View the Status of K-State IT Resources site for more details and check back for additional updates. Systems that will be unavailable include: K-State Online and all Axio instances; EIS – the DCE course search and registration system; the Survey System; TEVAL -the student rating system; Wimba/Camtasia Relay – the online live classroom and video capture system; and the online Admission Application.

Maintenance will occur between midnight-4 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 3. Service will resume as soon as the maintenance is completed. Information Technology Services apologizes for the inconvenience.

Departments: Microsoft-K-State software contract runs to 2012

The Microsoft Select Agreement between Microsoft and Kansas State University has been completed. It runs for three years, and will expire June 30, 2012. There are no changes to the agreement that expired June 30 — department orders are still placed through SHI International, pricing should remain the same, etc.

While the contract was being completed, SHI was unable to fulfill department orders for Microsoft products. They are now filling those pending orders.

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Status of state contract for Microsoft products

The Microsoft Select Agreement expired June 30. Negotiations are under way, and the contract should be completed in the next few weeks. SHI, the Large Account Reseller for State Contract 07359, will continue as the vendor for Microsoft products.

Microsoft orders placed with SHI will be held until the new contract is in place. Questions may be directed to Kathy Leonard, IT licensing specialist (kantink@k-state.edu, 785-532-4926).

MATLAB seminar March 27 by MathWorks

Computing and Telecommunications Services is sponsoring a complimentary MATLAB seminar 8:45 a.m.-noon Friday, March 27, in the Hemisphere Room of Hale Library. Jiro Doke, senior application engineer for The MathWorks, will be the presenter. This event is suitable for both new and existing users. All interested faculty, researchers, staff, and students are welcome.

Preregistration is suggested at www.mathworks.com/company/events/seminars/seminar33441.html for the two mini-sessions that will be held.

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