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Author: Nick Brown

Mobile printing now available in computer labs

Over the summer, ITS staff implemented the ability to print from mobile devices in the university Print station in Hale Librarycomputing labs, K-State InfoCommons in Hale Library, and the new College of Business building. This will allow patrons to print from both iOS and Android phones and tablets to PaperCut printers located in these areas. Once the job is sent to the printer, it can be released from the print release stations just like a job submitted from a computer. This provides a more convenient way of submitting print jobs without needing to find a computer in the labs or bringing a laptop to campus.


Limited, free laser printing is available to all students, faculty, and staff via their K-State eID and password; $10 is allocated per person each fall and spring semester, and $5 each summer. When those amounts are expended, the funds on your Wildcat Card can be used for pay-for-printing. Unused balances do not carry forward to the next semester.

More information on printing and other services offered in university computing labs can be found on the University computing labs and K-State InfoCommons website. For questions, contact the IT Help Desk at (785)532-7722 or helpdesk@k-state.edu.

Demo model of Dell’s new 9010 All-in-One desktop computer in iTAC

The Information Technology Assistance Center received a demo unit of Dell’s new 9010 All-in-One desktop computer — with a sleek, great form factor. Stop by iTAC, Hale 214, just outside the IT Help Desk and take a test drive. It will be available until the end of October.

Contact Nick Brown (2-3419), nbrown@k-state.edu with questions.

Automate your Android phone with Llama

Llama is an app for your Android device that allows you to control various settings based on a large number of predefined triggers. These triggers include things like location (based on cell towers), time of day, day of week, and whether there is an event on your calendar.  Continue reading “Automate your Android phone with Llama”

Webinar April 14: Best practices in Windows operating systems imaging

On Thursday, April 14, Dell will be sponsoring a webinar discussing the best practices for imaging computers running Windows. Those interested can register themselves or can join  iTAC staff members at 1 p.m. in Hale 301 for the presentation.

According to promotional information from Dell, “You are invited to an exclusive educational webinar available only to Dell customers, where we will describe some of the best practices we have learned in the 15+ years we have been helping customers build and deploy images.”

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Dell virtual-computing workshop March 2

Dell will be on campus for a workshop on virtual desktop computing 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, March 2, in 401 Hale Library. This will be the kickoff for the proof of concept, which the Information Technology Asssistance Center will be conducting in the coming months. System administrators from around campus who are interested in these technologies are invited to attend.

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EDUCAUSE webinar Nov. 5: Campus Computing Project

Noon-1 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, EDUCAUSE will be conducting a webinar discussing its Campus Computing Project and the two decades of data and analysis it comprises. Those who would like to attend are welcome to come to 401 Hale Library. More information can be found at the event website at net.educause.edu/LIVE1030.

Registration is free, so those who prefer to attend from their office can just follow the above link.

Spring 2011 computing-lab software requests due Dec. 1

iTAC staff are in the process of preparing computers in the K-State InfoCommons and university computing labs for updates during the December/January break. Any requests for additional software should be sent to softwarerequest@k-state.edu no later than Dec. 1. This allows time to install and test software before deploying to the labs.

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InfoCommons, computer labs re-imaging has begun

iTAC has begun the process of re-imaging all the computers in the K-State InfoCommons and the university computing labs. During the next four weeks, various labs around campus and areas of the InfoCommons may be closed intermittently for upgrades.

As a part of the new image, all computers will be upgraded to Windows 7, and the latest versions of software offered on these computers will also be installed.

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InfoCommons, university computing labs testing July 19-23

Beginning Monday, July 19, iTAC staff will have the newest version of the computer images for the K-State InfoCommons and university computing labs‘ computers ready for testing. The test computers will be located next to the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library, and all students and faculty/staff are invited to try out the new setup that will be implemented for fall semester.

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