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Pogue keynote video online: Why America’s Failing Science & How We Can Turn It Around

David Pogue, keynote speaker, casually leaning on the podium at Union Forum Hall (photo by Eric Dover)
David Pogue, PBS “Nova” science host and NY Times tech columnist, addresses America's declining numbers of science and technical (STEM) students during his keynote at the 2013 ITL conference at K-State. (photo by Eric Dover)

More than 400 people attended the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference March 4-5 at K-State. A video of the March 5 keynote by well-known author David Pogue is now online via the conference website at theitl.org (click “Watch David Pogue’s keynote!” at top right).

In a captivating “Science, Schmience: Why America’s Failing Science & How We Can Turn It Around” (88 minutes), Pogue humorously and compellingly addresses the four root problems he sees, as well as solutions that can reverse the continuing decline of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students in America’s educational system.

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