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Having trouble finding that email?

Microsoft recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to pin a message or messages to the top of your inbox. Keep those important messages from getting buried by using the pin feature.

Select an email and then click the Pin button to keep it at the top of your inbox.

If you have any questions, contact the IT Help Desk, helpdesk@k-state.edu, 785-532-7722.


Increase in phishing-scam emails trying to steal K-State eID passwords

Don't take the bait. K-State will NEVER ask for your password in an email.The beginning of every semester, K-State sees a significant increase in the number of phishing-scam emails trying to steal eID passwords. These emails try to trick K-Staters into providing their eID and password to criminals under the guise of “false emergency” emails, including:

  • “Upgrade your webmail account!”
  • “Your mailbox storage limit is full!”
  • “Your data/photos/etc. will be lost!”

THESE ARE ALL SCAMS. K-State Information Technology Services staff will NEVER ask for your password in an email. Do not reply to these scam emails, or click a link in email and fill out a form with your eID and password.

Abide by one simple rule and you will be safe from these scams and others: NEVER provide your password to anyone in response to an email!  Continue reading “Increase in phishing-scam emails trying to steal K-State eID passwords”

Technology checklist for students leaving K-State

Students are graduating and going on to new adventures.  Use these tips to manage your K-State technology channels and resources.

  1. Students can now keep their K-State email accounts. Your eID must be kept active by meeting K-State’s password-change deadlines each semester.
  2. Review your mailing list subscriptions. Unsubscribe from those you no longer need, and clean out email messages from old lists.   Continue reading “Technology checklist for students leaving K-State”

Office 365 email-retention settings go into effect April 11

by Information Technology Services

Office 365 retention settings will be activated on the evening of Friday, April 11. These retention settings govern the automatic management of emails that have been moved to the Deleted Items folder and Junk Email folder.  A couple of things to note:  Continue reading “Office 365 email-retention settings go into effect April 11”

Learn Office 365: Top resources to browse over winter break

by Information Technology Services

Over the holiday break, K-Staters who want a jumpstart on learning Office 365 email and calendaring should check out these top resources created by Information Technology Services.

  1. Explore more than 100 K-State articles on how to use  Office 365: 
  2. Prior to the migration Jan. 6, 2014, do the steps in the Office 365 pre-migration checklist.
  3. Discuss Office 365 socially with other K-Staters. Join K-State’s Office 365 Migration group on Yammer. It’s a social venue (similar to Facebook) specifically for those with  @ksu.edu addresses.  Create an @ksu.edu account first. See K-State’s Getting Started with Yammer resource.
  4. Bookmark and visit K-State’s Office 365 website at k-state.edu/its/office365.

Learn Office 365: Participate in trivia

by Information Technology Services

Are you ready for the transition to Office 365? Information Technology Services will conduct Office 365 trivia during the two Zoom Q&A sessions this week.

Continue reading “Learn Office 365: Participate in trivia”

Learn Office 365: Training and question-answer sessions scheduled

by Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services will continue offering “Introduction to Office 365″ sessions throughout December. Introductory sessions will be offered in the Hale Library Hemisphere Room and the K-State Student Union Little Theatre. There will also be opportunities to join Q&A sessions via Zoom. No registration is required for any of these sessions. Continue reading “Learn Office 365: Training and question-answer sessions scheduled”

IT staff tips for cleaning out your email

With the impending move of central campus email from Zimbra to Office 365, one suggestion has been to clear out as much email as possible before the move.  These tips from IT staff can help identify and clean out larger amounts of email in a shorter time.  Continue reading “IT staff tips for cleaning out your email”

Office 365: Comparing the web-based client to the desktop client

By Information Technology Services

As K-State transitions to Office 365, there have been questions about the differences in the web-based Outlook Web App versus the Outlook desktop client. The differences between the two are diminishing over time. If you do not share your calendar or email folders with anyone, the Outlook Web App will fit your needs. If you share email folders, share your calendar with others for them to manage, or manage others’ calendars, you should use the Outlook desktop client.  Continue reading “Office 365: Comparing the web-based client to the desktop client”