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Equipment checkout: Presentation tools include projectors, screens, and speakers

Free equipment-checkout services are provided by the Information Technology Assistance Center, 214 Hale Library, 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.

Looking for equipment for a presentation? iTAC has everything you need other than the presentation itself. iTAC checks out projectors, screens, speakers, Mac adapters, laser pointers, and more.  For faculty or graduate students, we also offer laptops.

Check out any of these separately or together. Our equipment is up to date, so that we can help you give the best presentation possible.

by Sharnée Hudgins, iTAC student receptionist

Equipment checkout: ZOOM Handy Recorder

Free equipment-checkout services are provided by the Information Technology Assistance Center, 214 Hale Library, 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment is the ZOOM Handy Recorder, and it’s available for checkout to K-Staters. It can record audio and video, but can be set for just audio. It runs on two AA batteries and fits in your hand, so it’s also portable.

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Equipment checkout service for K-Staters

(Editor’s note: This new “Equipment checkout” series of articles will feature answers to commonly asked questions.  Equipment checkout can be reached at 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.)

The iTAC operator/receptionist desk in Hale 214 does everything from answering phones to managing events to checking out equipment to the rest of the K-State family. Their responsibilities are numerous, and they answer a lot of questions, especially on equipment checkout.

Q. What kinds of equipment can I check out?

We offer many different types of equipment that are available to any K-Stater (i.e., projectors, tripods, most cameras, etc.) and some equipment that is only available to staff and faculty (i.e., laptops, specialized cameras, etc.). Continue reading “Equipment checkout service for K-Staters”

Ask a Librarian: IT and library equipment Q/As

The Equipment category of the “Ask a Librarian” pages has common questions (and answers) about IT equipment available in the K-State Libraries.  The Q/As often include  pointers to IT resources outside of Hale Library, including branch libraries and the Salina campus.

Current questions/answers about available technology:

  • Cameras: Can I check out cameras here?
  • Collaboration stations: What are they? How can I use them?
  • Wireless access: How can I connect my laptop to the wireless (wifi) network?
  • Computers: Where is there an open computer in Hale Library?
  • Computers: What hardware and software is available on the computers?
  • Fax machine: Do you have a fax machine?
  • Projectors: Can I check out projectors here?
  • Headphones: Can I check out headphones here?
  • Laptops: Can I check out laptops here?
  • Copier: How do I use a photocopier (copier) and how much does it cost?

For more FAQs, see the Ask a Librarian homepage that also provides a chat interface (during library service hours) plus email, phone, and texting communication channels.

Used equipment available from tech classrooms

The Information Technology Assistance Center has replaced equipment in technology classrooms over the winter break. Some of the equipment that was removed from these rooms is now available for transfer to other departments on campus. Here is a list of what is currently available:

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12 new Canon camcorders available for checkout

new Canon camcorders
12 new Canon Vixia camcorders

Multimedia equipment checkout (in 214 Hale Library) is available to all K-State students and faculty/staff.

  • 12 new handheld Canon camcorders have been added.
  • The six Canon Vixia HF M300 camcorders record to an SD memory card (a 2G card is recommended).
  • The six Canon Vixia HF M31 camcorders record to an internal hard drive or to an SD memory card.

Call 785-532-4918 to reserve this equipment. For more about available equipment and checkout policies, see the Media Development Center website.

Spotlight: New 46-inch monitors in Media Development Center

New to the Media Development Center (MDC) are two 46-inch Panasonic screens added to the video-editing area. One is connected to a PC, and one to a Mac.

4 students using a new 46-inch screen in the MDC
Student group using a new 46-inch computer screen in the MDC

This large-format screen will greatly benefit:

  • Groups working on multimedia projects
  • Users with vision challenges
  • Projects that require working across multiple computer windows

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Save time and money with 6 IT resources

IT Resources handoutTake note of these technology resources — they’re free, available to everyone at K-State, and just might make your life a little easier. (Other great resources are in the 2010 K-State IT Resources brochure, a PDF printout.)

  1. IT Help Desk

    The first point of contact when K-Staters need help on computer and IT issues. 785-532-7722, walk-in 214 Hale Library, e-mail helpdesk@k-state.edu.

  2. Free printing

    Limited, free laser printing is available (in the InfoCommons and university computing labs) to all students and faculty/staff using their K-State eID and password. $10 is allocated per person each fall and spring semester, and $5 each summer. Continue reading “Save time and money with 6 IT resources”

Spotlight: Re-Presence exhibit with discarded technology

Airplane Tears (2005) by Nari Ward
Airplane Tears (2005) by Nari Ward

Before you purchase that TV, monitor, or other hardware, check out Nari Ward’s Airplane Tears (2005) currently on exhibit at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College.

This signature wall art is constructed with found TV backs and handkerchiefs. It is 39 feet wide, 16 feet high, and 2 feet deep.

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