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In May, we honor our graduates, especially poignant this year, as our ceremonies are virtual and vary with each college. Congratulations to our K-State graduates. To our graduating seniors who have worked in Information Technology Services and seen it all, disruptions due to the fire on the roof of Hale and COVID-19. Hats off to all of you!

Staff changes in the Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Enterprise Applications unit under the direction of Deputy CIO Jan Elsasser are:

Darci Pottroff was named Director of Application Services. She will provide strategic and operational direction for the enterprise and administrative application systems.

Nick Austin was named Senior Director of Data Operations. He will provide strategic and operational direction for data operations and content services applications.

From March 23 – May 8, here are some quick statistics on the use of tools for remote teaching, learning, research, and outreach.

MS Teams

  • 339 K-Staters completed the training
  • 3,386 meetings were held
  • 6,217 calls were made
  • 355,487 private chats


  • 9,521 presentations were authored
  • 9.82 TB of storage was consumed
Zoom Usage Statistics – March 23 to May 8
New Users 5,115
Meetings 65,528
Participants 496,963
Meeting Minutes 23,164,661*

*May 7-highest usage Continue reading “IT Update”

Residence-hall registration numbers: Computers, gaming devices, handhelds

At the beginning of Fall 2009, K-Staters in the residence halls and Jardine Apartments registered their personal computers, gaming devices, or wireless handheld devices to the K-State wired and wireless networks. The registration process allows residents to verify that their operating system is valid and that the K-State antivirus software is up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches. Overall, this registration helps to secure the residence-hall network against mass virus outbreaks and other security threats that directly impact academic and social computing.

The registration numbers based on specific computer platforms are as follows: Continue reading “Residence-hall registration numbers: Computers, gaming devices, handhelds”

IT by the numbers: Printing, iSIS sign-ins, K-State Online

Here’s a snapshot of IT usage at the beginning of the fall semester:

  • 160,692 pages printed in the university computing labs and InfoCommons by 6,393 users (Aug. 15-Sept. 4)
  • 39,080 sign-ins were noted in iSIS, the student information system, on Aug. 24 (the first day of fall semester classes)
  • 22,264 students are listed on rosters in K-State Online for the fall semester
  • 1,108 instructors signed into K-State Online in the last 24 hours
  • 4.9 courses per student are provided in K-State Online