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Check out the new Waters 231 technology classroom renovation

A big project this summer was the complete renovation and remodeling of the Waters 231 technology classroom. With faculty and student input, the Division of Facilities and iTAC have planned and created an updated space for teaching and learning.

Completed renovation of Waters 231 technology classroom, with link to panorama view
Completed renovation of Waters 231 classroom. Panorama view: Click the image, then drag left-right.

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Umberger tech classroom upgrade this summer

The Umberger 105 (Williams Auditorium) classroom is undergoing a major renovation. Periodic updates will be provided throughout the summer. An October move-in date is anticipated for the new space.

Last weekend the construction crew began demolition. The technology was pulled, and chairs are being removed (see photos below).

photo of chairs being removed from Umberger 105 classroom due to summer renovation

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