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Traveling abroad with technology: Loaner netbook program, cellphone guide

The Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) has put together a couple of helpful information pages as well as an international loaner netbook program to help aid faculty/staff who travel internationally.

The international loaner netbook program provides a technology option that conforms to United States government export-control laws. These netbooks can be checked out in iTAC, 214 Hale Library. See more information about the program.

iTAC has also put together a handy guide with tips for using a cellphone or smartphone overseas.

Ethiopia bans Skype, Google Talk, and all other VoIP services

The Ethiopian government has banned the use of Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, Google Talk, and others. This ban comes with severe penalties — up to 15 years in prison — for those who use these services while in Ethiopia, including visitors.

Ethiopian authorities say they are imposing these bans because of “national security concerns” and to protect the state-opened Ethio Telecom, which is also the only Internet service provider in the country.

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IT security roundtable May 6: Traveling Safely

Summertime makes Manhattan seem like a ghost town as K-State students, faculty, and staff hit the roads and airways for distant lands. The potential rewards of personal and professional travel are great, but so are the security risks. Thus, this month’s IT security roundtable will discuss tips on how to travel safely so people can protect themselves from identity theft, financial fraud, and other threats related to information and technology while on vacation.

Join us 9-10 a.m. Friday, May 6, in Hale 501 (Hemisphere Room) to learn about: Continue reading “IT security roundtable May 6: Traveling Safely”

IT security: "Traveling Safely" PowerPoint slides from May 7 roundtable

The “Traveling Safely” PowerPoint presentation from the IT security roundtable May 7 has been added to the other presentations available on the IT security roundtable website. Harvard Townsend, K-State’s chief information security officer, offers information that’s also good for those staying home — such as the latest security risks and safety guidelines for using:

  • ATMs
  • Public kiosks and computers (including libraries)
  • USB flash drives
  • Laptops
  • Internet cafes
  • Airports
  • WiFi hot spots

IT crime statistics

Townsend’s presentation noted that ATM fraud is “rampant in Europe” and is also a growing threat in the U.S., with annual loss estimated at $1 billion/year, or $350,000 per day.

Laptop thefts remain a big concern.  Six laptops have been stolen on the K-State campus this year (2010), Townsend said.  An estimated 16,000 laptops per week are lost or stolen in airports (U.S. and Europe).

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Register for Oct. 5 IT security training event by Friday!

The deadline to sign up for next Monday’s Oct. 5 IT Security Training Event is coming. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to sign up, this would be your time! Get more details about the Oct. 5 security event and register for the event by Friday, Oct. 2.

This free event is open to K-State faculty/staff and students, as well as IT professionals from other Regents’ institutions. Friendly, non-technical sessions this year will cover:

  • How to make your PC and home wireless network more secure
  • How computers get infected from web browsing and opening music files
  • How to keep data on your mobile device more secure
  • How to get started using IT security resources for K-Staters
  • How to travel more safely with your computer and data

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Travelers: Beware of international data-roaming rates

With the proliferation of smartphones in the last few years, more consumers are using data services such as e-mail, streaming video, web surfing, or other activities that require access to data through a mobile network from smartphones. Consumers are accustomed to the “all you can eat” data plans that can be used everywhere, which enhance productivity and support the interaction with information in new ways.

Those who travel abroad with data-enabled smartphones are used to higher roaming rates per minute for telephone calls and seek cheaper alternatives for overseas voice calls. However, data roaming is an entirely different beast. Many smartphones will silently ping various data services for updates on new information, which ranges from e-mail and instant-messaging applications to GPS-enabled street maps. All of this traffic requires data plans, which on overseas jaunts can add up to big bucks.

For example, AT&T charges $0.0195 (about 2 cents) per kilobyte; downloading a 1-megabyte file could cost about $20. For a consumer who uses about 50 megabytes of data on a phone the cost would be $975 if AT&T roaming rates were applied.

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IT Security Roundtable May 8: Traveling safely

The time is nigh for K-State students, faculty, and staff to vacate Manhattan for distant lands over the summer. Thus, this month’s IT security roundtable, which is 9-10:30 a.m. Friday, May 8, in Union 213, will discuss tips on how to travel safely so people can protect themselves from identity theft, financial fraud, and other threats related to information and technology while on vacation. Topics include:

“Travel safely” security roundtable rescheduled (again) to May 8

Due to scheduling conflicts and the proximity to Thursday’s IT security training event, the SIRT IT security roundtable on traveling safely scheduled for April 10 has been postponed (again!) to 9-10 a.m. Friday, May 8, in Union 213. This date should work better anyway, since soon thereafter people will embark on their summer travels. Watch InfoTech Tuesday for more details as the date approaches.

“Travel safely” security roundtable rescheduled April 10

Due to a campus power outage March 13 that included the K-State Student Union, the IT security roundtable discussion on traveling safely has been rescheduled to 9-10:30 a.m. Friday, April 10, in Union 213.  Mark your calendars now so you can learn how to travel safely and protect yourself from identity theft, financial fraud, and other threats related to information and technology while traveling for business or pleasure.