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Ethiopia bans Skype, Google Talk, and all other VoIP services

The Ethiopian government has banned the use of Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, Google Talk, and others. This ban comes with severe penalties — up to 15 years in prison — for those who use these services while in Ethiopia, including visitors.

Ethiopian authorities say they are imposing these bans because of “national security concerns” and to protect the state-opened Ethio Telecom, which is also the only Internet service provider in the country.

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New audio conferencing bridge at KRN

The installation of the new Avaya VOIP audio conferencing bridge at Kansas Regents Network/TELENET 2 is complete and it’s up and running. This bridge is a planned replacement for the Spectel bridge that had reached the time of its “planned obsolescence” when it would no longer be supported for maintenance. Continue reading “New audio conferencing bridge at KRN”