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Check compatibility of software, hardware with Windows 7, 8, and RT operating systems

Microsoft has developed a website where you can check the compatibility of hardware and software with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows RT operating systems.  Check compatibility at Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility Center.

If you’re buying a new device or upgrading an existing computer, it’s important to check this because current software and hardware may not work with the newer operating systems.  Continue reading “Check compatibility of software, hardware with Windows 7, 8, and RT operating systems”

Upgrades in MDC include 64-bit systems, Windows 7

In mid-January, all 18 PCs and 6 Macs in the Media Development Center (213 Hale Library) were upgraded from 32-bit systems to 64-bit systems. As a result, K-Staters will see significant improvements in processing speed, not to mention the other software upgrades made at the same time.

PCs in the center were updated to the Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft Office Suite 2010, and Adobe Creative Software Suite 5. The 64-bit systems also allow PC users to take advantage of new features in Windows 7.

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Windows 7 now in InfoCommons, university computing labs

One of the big changes students will notice as they return to campus is that the Windows 7 operating system was installed in the K-State InfoCommons (in Hale Library) and in the university computing labs. In addition, computers in the Dickens and Seaton university computing labs were all replaced by new computers this summer.

See the university computing labs website for information about lab locations, free printing, and available software.

InfoCommons, university computing labs testing July 19-23

Beginning Monday, July 19, iTAC staff will have the newest version of the computer images for the K-State InfoCommons and university computing labs‘ computers ready for testing. The test computers will be located next to the IT Help Desk, 214 Hale Library, and all students and faculty/staff are invited to try out the new setup that will be implemented for fall semester.

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TechBytes Feb. 4: Windows 7

Bill Wall will present “Windows 7” at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, in 501 Hale Library. Join this session to discover the new features of Windows 7. Learn how to use Snap, Jump Lists, and Windows Search, as well as how to navigate the new Windows Taskbar.

TechBytes seminars are free and open to the K-State community. The series is also video-streamed live for off-campus viewers and others who wish to view it from their desktop. Use the “View live video” link on the TechBytes homepage to watch the next live video as it’s being recorded.

Spring 2010 TechBytes series begins Thursday, Feb. 4

The TechBytes series begins Feb. 4.  Sessions are scheduled 1:30-2:30 p.m. in Hale Library.

Thursdays TechBytes topic Location
Feb. 4 Windows 7 501 Hale Library
Feb. 11 Yolink Search 501 Hale Library
Feb. 18 Time to Talk 501 Hale Library
Feb. 25 Many Uses of WordPress 301A Hale Library
March 4 Twitter Tools 501 Hale Library
March 11 Zimbra Calendar 501 Hale Library
March 25 Google Wave 501 Hale Library

TechBytes seminars are free and open to the K-State community. This series shares technology innovations with the campus community, whether it’s a new technology or a new way to use an existing technology. Visit the TechBytes website for descriptions of the sessions.

Q/A: Windows 7 purchasing options, cost, security, etc.

Q. I heard Microsoft released the Windows 7 operating system Oct. 22. When will it be available for individual purchase?

Microsoft is expected to make the Windows 7 software available mid-November at the earliest for academic/educational purchasing, said Chris Loehr, manager of the K-State Student Union Computer Store. He said there are a few points that K-Staters should note:

  1. Academic versions of Windows 7, unlike previous Microsoft products, will only be available to people at schools that have a student-licensing agreement, which K-State has.  Any K-State student or employee with a valid K-State eID can get the educational discount. (Those at other educational institutions without the licensing agreement cannot purchase the software through K-State.)
  2. K-Staters who wish to purchase Windows 7 at the academic/education price must present a current, valid K-State ID.
  3. Departmental purchases of Windows 7 should be done through the university contract with SHI (see the “Software, Large Acc Reseller” contract #07359 link on the K-State Purchasing Contracts webpage) .

Q. What Windows 7 versions are available?

There are three for individuals — Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. See Microsoft’s Windows 7 comparison chart for details.

The SHI contract for departments has Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

Q. How much will Windows 7 cost?

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IT security roundtable Sept. 11: Mac OS X 10.6, Windows 7; infected USB flash drives

September’s edition of the monthly IT security roundtable discussions sponsored by SIRT is scheduled 9-10:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 11, in Union 213. Topics are: