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Sorghum Headworms

–by Dr. Jeff Whitworth and Dr. Holly Schwarting

Sorghum headworm (corn earworm, fall armyworm) populations continue to cause much concern throughout south central and north central Kansas.  Sorghum is most vulnerable to headworms from flowering to soft dough.  The general rule is that headworms may cause 5% loss per worm per head during the approximately 2 weeks the worms are feeding directly on the grain.  So early detection, while the larvae are small, is always recommended, and thus if treatment is justified, control will be achieved before maximum damage is realized.  For more information on sorghum headworm and control options, please visit: http://entomology.k-state.edu/extension/insect-information/crop-pests/sorghum/cornearworm.html

CEW_sorghum head


fall armyworm_sorghum head

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