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Green Cloverworms

–Dr. Jeff Whitworth

Green cloverworms are still feeding on soybean leaves, and therefore still causing some concern, especially in double-cropped soybeans (some fields were being treated with insecticides on 2 Sep). As stated previously, green cloverworms can be very voracious leaf feeders. However, rarely, if ever, do they cause enough damage especially at this time of year (and plant developmental stage) to justify an insecticide application. Plus the soybean canopy usually harbors many different types of beneficials and they will be negatively affected by an insecticide application. Green cloverworms also seem to be very vulnerable to natural controls (please see figs 1 & 2, of fungus-infected green cloverworm larvae, provided by Mr. Tom Maxwell), which often effect great control on green cloverworm populations.

Figure 1 Fungal-infected green clover worms most commonly turn white as seen in this photo.


Figure 2 Fungal-infected green cloverworm after leaf feeding


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