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Better Kansas – July 4, 2019

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Better Living, Better Communities

ITCHY, ITCHY, ITCHY! Spring and early summer rains coupled with warmer weather have been especially good for mosquitoes.  Anything that holds water – a child’s toy dump truck, the bucket you used to wash the car, the watering can you use to water outdoor flowers – all can be potential breeding sites for mosquitoes. Don’t you just love it when a lucky one works its way into your house and dive bombs your ear while you’re trying to sleep? You can help control the mosquito population outside your home by removing water-holding containers where mosquitoes breed, or by at least cleaning them out routinely. Other ways to protect yourself and to control mosquitoes are outlined in Mosquito Protection and Control and Pests That Affect Human Health.

WE’VE ALL HEARD OF TYPE 2 DIABETES, BUT WHAT’S PREDIABETES? The number is really too high to comprehend, but 84 million adults in the United States have prediabetes,  a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough for a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. If you’re prediabetes, you’re at a high risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. But you can work toward better health, including being more active, eating healthier and quitting smoking. More information is available in Prediabetes: Are You One of the Millions? Also, check with your local extension office for additional programs or resources. We’ll have more about Type 2 diabetes in upcoming Better Kansas posts.

FINDING YOUR VOICE AND DEVELOPING YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS is not always easy when you’re working every day to strengthen your own community, business, farm or ranch. The Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership program based at K-State is focused on building those skills. Every two years a new class of 30 is chosen. Those individuals, who come from a broad range of backgrounds like yours, including public education, banking, farm production, government and more, will participate in seminars within the state, travel to a blue chip corporation, meet with legislators and tour Washington, D.C., and take an international trip. Congratulations to the new KARL Class XV ! OK, a little disclosure, I am a proud KARL alum myself … an incredible experience. 

Better Farming, Ranching and Gardening

CORN PLANTING WAS WAY DELAYED BY THOSE INCREDIBLE RAINS WE’VE HAD BUT the crop is finally in and coming along. As of June 30, the USDA-NASS said 8% of the Kansas crop rated excellent, 44% good, 35% fair and 13% poor to very poor. Silking had occurred on 8%, well behind 28% last year and 22% average. Corn diseases so far appear to be minimal, but keep scouting those fields. More information is available in an article and in a recent K-State Agronomy eUpdate newsletter item.

SOYBEANS AND COTTON TAKE CENTER STAGE AT THE 2019 K-State/KARA Summer Field School when Kansas State University and the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association (KARA) host a pair of two-day, hands-on field schools July 9-10 and July 11-12 at the K-State Agronomy North Farm, 2200 Kimball Ave, Manhattan – just north of the football stadium. This year’s program will focus on soybean and cotton production and fertility. In addition, comprehensive training in herbicide efficacy and injury, weed identification, soil and water management, crop diseases, and insects are in the lineup. Take a look at the complete program and register. The cost for this year’s program is $210 and includes lunch on both days, plus the opportunity to earn 12 CCA credits and multiple 1A credits.

SIX COLLEGE MAJORS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF but maybe wish you or that college senior of yours had are highlighted in this article. It’s not too late! Check out these majors and many more at Kansas State University. There’s something to suit just about everyone.