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Increasing engagement with Facebook native video

Screenshot-2015-01-07-11.12.40Facebook native video – uploading videos to Facebook itself rather than posting YouTube video links on the social network – is creating viral success for small and huge brands alike.

The K-State Facebook page has seen impressive results with increased video views and user engagement using Facebook native video.

A perfect example is a K-State Marching Band performance posted on the K-State Facebook page on Jan. 5. Within 24 hours, the video topped 50,000 views and reached more than 150,000 Facebook users. The numbers kept climbing and comments, likes and shares hit 5,000 within two days. It surely helped that the K-State Marching Band had just won the honor of top university band in the nation. Just another example of why content is key on social media!


Above you can see Facebook insights from the same Marching Band video that was posted to Facebook using a YouTube link. The uploaded video received over six times the engagement as the one linked to YouTube.

6 tips to maximize Facebook engagement with the use of video:

  1. Feature your video.  By selecting to feature a video, it is prominently placed above your page’s “About” section and is larger on your videos tab. It’s important to feature a video that is a great representation of your brand.
  2. Use the “Watch Video” Call-to-Action button. The Facebook call to action button allows you to draw attention to a video on your website from your Facebook cover image. This can help drive traffic to your website from people who visit your Facebook page. There are several options for the call to action button, including “Watch Video.”CTAbutton
  3. Make video playlists. The more video uploads you post, organizing them will become more important. You can organize your videos by creating multiple playlists to control the user’s experience navigating through videos.
  4. Create an engaging video that you personally would share. Be sure to choose a video that is entertaining, informative or inspiring.
  5. Interact! Once someone comments on the video, reply back. The more comments on any Facebook post, the higher up it goes on Facebook users timeline.
  6. Use the Learn more button on the video. You can use the “Learn More” call to action button to drive someone to a website for more information about the video’s topic. The button shows up in the left-hand corner while the user is watching the video.


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